Gillette Styler Razor super detailed 3D model coming for Rhino and V-Ray. General FBX attached as well.

Available for: Rhino 6 + V-Ray 3.4, FBX attached as well.

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Gilette Styler

Michele Blasilli
Michele Blasilli
Born in Rome, Italy. I'm an Industrial and Product Designer with a strong passion for details, 3D modeling and rendering. I use Rhinoceros, Grasshopper, T-splines, V-ray and other useful plugins for Rhino. Complex Simplicity is my "Dogma", inspired by the old Matsers of Italian Design, I'm very interested in the creation of beautiful and useful products, like an Inventor moved by the curiosity and the desire to improve the quality of everyday life. I am also ART - Level II Rhinoceros 6 certified trainer.
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Published at:
Mar 23, 2020
Available files:
FBX export
Rhino 6 + V-Ray 3.4

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