New web redesign!

New web redesign!

/ by Lenka, FA manager

We're happy to announce a redesign of our website!

The site is now organized into 2 main sections - STUDIO  and  STORE.

New web redesign!

You'll be able to find all of the 3D models, materials, scenes, tutorials and photos gathered under the STORE section. We brought all the categories into one simple navigation bar. You should have an easier time now to search and browse through the whole collection!

When you click on the STORE button, you will be redirected to the NEW Products section, where the most recent additions are listed on the top of the page. Plus we have added new toggle button Only free, so you are able to easily filter all the stuff we share without any fee!

New web redesign!

The STUDIO section presents our central part of the business - creating high-end visualizations for commissions. Do you need help with bringing the most out of your project? Shoot us an INQUIRY! See what we stand for in our process of creating images right under the STUDIO section. Take a look at our vast portfolio in the WORK section. Have you been wondering who are the people running this website? Meet us on the TEAM page!New web redesign!

There were basically two main reasons behind this redesign update. First, our various store categories have been growing. With the recent addition of the Photos category, the navigation header was getting a bit cluttered. Plus, we have been feeling that our essential part of our business (creating high-end visualizations) was not that visible. It may have been a bit hard to notice that we have been available for hire!New web redesign!

It's now easy to keep tabs on us in the NEWS section! We have brought it up on the main navigation from deep within the navigation hierarchy where it was buried previously. We'll be posting updates on our work, share hints and tips, announce workshops and stuff like that in there.New web redesign!

Do you feel it's easier to search through our collection? Or do you have any feedback on the redesign of our website you'd like to share? If so, we'll be happy to hear it! Give me a note at [email protected] or use our contact form. And if there is something you need to visualize, send us an inquiry!

Wish you happy browsing!

Take care,


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