FlyingArchitecture Emotion - 02/2019

FlyingArchitecture Emotion - 02/2019

"Storytelling through emotion"

FlyingArchitecture Emotion - 02/2019

After a very successful workshop we conducted at XJTLU in Suzhou, China at the end of 2018, we bring you a new, updated workshop line for 2019 -

FlyingArchitecture Emotion

FlyingArchitecture Emotion is a new approach to our workshops, which consists of 4 days full of learning materials, tailored for those who want to become professional archviz artists, or just want to start making the images they have always dreamed of.

Day 1 - Thursday

You’ll start with a given 3D model of the house, without surrounding assets (trees, shrubs, rocks). These will be added during the day, using our libraries - spoiler: our specific workflow and tips & tricks coming ;)

We will also go through Rhinoceros scene optimization, Asset Management, V-Ray Options, Scene Lighting explanation and its rules and camera basics.

We will end up with a fully furnished scene with all assets placed and a model ready to be rendered in clay, for proof of composition and lighting.

FlyingArchitecture Emotion - 02/2019

WIP image - Clay render

Day 2 - Friday

You’ll start creating materials - from the most simple ones, to more complex Blend materials for leaves, or even terrain. We will also adjust further the V-Ray lighting and explore Render channels for final render and finally, tweak the settings to achieve the best output. 

At the end of the day, we’ll run the final full resolution render, suitable for next day postproduction.

FlyingArchitecture Emotion - 02/2019

WIP image - RAW render

Day 3 - Saturday

You’ll start day 3 with Photoshop - understanding the basics of layer management, masking and adjustments will seamlessly transfer to a full postproduction work towards the end of the day. You will end the 3rd day’s session with a finished image.

FlyingArchitecture Emotion - 02/2019

FINAL image - after postproduction

Day 4 - Sunday

The last day will be dedicated to utilization of the overall knowledge you gained during the workshop and to find it’s practical use for quick scene setup. We will quickly set up our second render, run it and finish it in Photoshop. The last few hours of our time together will be for discussion over the upsides and downsides, about what  we struggled with and to talk about the specific issues you may encounter.

FlyingArchitecture Emotion - 02/2019

Image done by our student Menghan Chen

FlyingArchitecture Emotion - 02/2019

Image done by our student Tiantian Ge


Dates: February 28 - March 3 (4 days)

Location: Brno, Czechia

  • All participants will obtain a certificate of attendance at the end of the workshop, which will look very good on their CV and will certainly stand them in good stead with potential future employers.
  • We will start each day at 9am, and we should finish by 5pm, but we can extend the lesson, if necessary.
  • The workshop will be conducted in English by Matus and Lukas with an option to communicate in Slovak/Czech language in case something wasn’t properly understood.
  • Each day, we will supply you with updated data you may currently need, so you can follow even in case you didn’t catch up the previous day.
  • Software we will utilize: Rhinoceros 5 + V-Ray 3.60.03 for Rhino + Photoshop CC
  • You must bring your own laptop with software pre-installed. Make sure the software is up-to-date and works flawlessly for you, so we can start straight away on the first day morning.
  • Oh, and yes, (rumor is true) in Czechia beer is cheaper than water, so we will utilize this knowledge, too ;)

How to apply?



If You have any further questions, feel free to shoot me an email via the contact form. 

rachelre Jan 9, 2019
"You’ll start with a given 3D model of the house, without surrounding assets " - will given model include the surrounding terrian, or will it be part of the workshop to learn how to make the terrian in Rhino and locate the house in it? I think it is a very important lesson to learn...
Good question - We are planning to give the terrain to you, as this one was made up, so it's not based on real location. But of course, we can create our own terrain during the workshop - it shouldn't be an issue.
Hi - Im very interested in this workshop, but do not use Rhino. Do you have workshops with sketchup vray? Do you guys have plans on coming to Denmark in the near future?
Hello, we will spend only a first day in Rhino and even that will be more V-Ray for Rhino oriented. Second day will be dedicated to V-Ray only. In addition to that, V-Ray for SU and V-Ray for Rhino are the same, so You should not have any issues using any of these versions. Also, at least 2 people will be there conducting it, so we are ready to help to anyone at anytime.
chrbjerre Jan 10, 2019
Hi - I'm interested in attending this workshop. But it seems to be a little bit difficult to travel from Denmark to Brno. Do you know which way is quickest to travel to Brno?
Hello, Brno has a small airport and there are a few flights form European cities, not sure about flights from Denmark. However, if You take a flight to Prague or Vienna, it's quite easy to get to Brno - there is a direct bus from Vienna airport directly to the city center of Brno. Contact me via contact form in case You need assistance in planning a trip :)
Rojiar Soleimani Jan 18, 2019
Hi, I am really interested to participate in the workshop. Would it be possible that I get a receipt or confirmation after I pay the participation fee that I paid it like in December 2018? That would be a great help for my declaration on 2018.
Hello, I am sorry, but this is not legally possible. But we still have some free seats, so feel free to book yours and you will get an invoice with the corresponding date.
The house and the location look very similar to the one shown in DC's Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice where Bruce Wayne used to live near lakeside
Honestly... Never saw that movie :O
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