Lindsey Adelman's amazing piece of lighting crafted for Roll & Hill. Modular, anodized aluminum structure can be assembled in different configurations starting from a small 10-light. This 3d model is 14-light version in brass color.
TalBermanRossiDionisotti Nov 8, 2016
hi . i don't succeed to use the brass material
Hello, can You please describe Your problem more properly?
Tanner1053 Feb 20, 2017
Hi there! How do you make the bulbs light up? Thanks!
Tanner1053 Feb 20, 2017
Side not, i did try assigning the bulbs to an emissive layer but they won't glow.
There are 2 materials: one is named ON, second one is name OFF. Just switch between them.
PederV.Jahnsen Feb 27, 2017
cant find the "on" material, does it load with the other materials as i inset the model?
It's present in Material Editor.
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Agnes Chandelier

Stefan Turcovsky
Stefan Turcovsky
Born in Slovakia, Humenné. Flyingarchitecture artist with a passion for CGI and architecture. My main tools are Rhinoceros and Photoshop. I'm always looking for the new inspiration in every aspect of life because you never know where the new idea is hidden. I love romantic walks on a beach at a sunset, unicorns and laser cats.
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Jul 14, 2016
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Agnes Chandelier

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