About FlyingArchitecture

About FlyingArchitecture

About FlyingArchitectureWhat started as a blog run by a young architecture student in 2008 has become a complex project involving thousands of people from all over the world. First stepping stones were my first 3D models I came out with. In the course of time, more and more people supported me in my efforts and joined me by sharing their own works.

Based on this experience, the motto of Flying Architecture is ‘Learning by Sharing’ and that great things come to life faster by cooperation. That’s why we share an extensive 3D models library for free with students, artists and enthusiasts from all over the world. Apart from that we also offer few selected 3D models for adequate fee. These are crafted with real passion for meticulous precision, counting with physical properties of actual materials (reflections, creases...). If you don’t find a 3D model you need and you wish to learn how to make your own, you will surely find our tutorials more than useful.

For those skilled enough to work in 3D modelling softwares, we also share our library of materials and textures. Few of them, also for certain fee, but in insanely high-quality.

But the main focus of our work lies in making architectural visualizations. Our team has already brought many ideas and visions ‘to life’. Apart from our regular commissions, we always find some time to work on our own projects and to take part in various contests - for full extent of our work see our portfolio. From time to time we also organize workshops so don’t forget to check our pages regularly. By all these activities we push our boundaries, experiment with new ideas, keep our skills up-to-date and offer our clients the best possible result. Also, if you were interested in following me in my free time, feel free to subscribe to my Tumblr's blog: matusnedecky.com

We hope you’ll enjoy this site as a communication hub for all 3D artists. Feel free to comment or ask anything about any 3D model, material or tutorial. Also any other question, suggestion or simple ‘thanks’ is always welcome. Thank You all for your help to build this awesome community!


Legal Information:
FlyingArchitecture s.r.o.
Dunajská 163/35, Brno 625 00, Czechia
IČO: 06804705 DIČ: CZ06804705
Aazath1992 Feb 16, 2015
pls can u share something about google sketchup...and v-ray...
Sorry but the only thing I can share is an information that we do not use it at all...
digitaltoon Mar 28, 2015
I totally love this site and how generous you guys are and of course your work is just beautiful. Just to clarify are you guys using VRay for Rhino on all the renderings? I want to go further but want to get the right tenderer..
Thank You, digitaltoon :) Yes, we use V-Ray for Rhino only for all our renderings (stated in March 2015, in case of future reference :D )
53dougherty Apr 11, 2015
Matus, I want to thank you a ton for all the help this website has been for me as an architecture student. I've learned quite a bit from the tutorials and the amount of free models is very generous of you guys. I've been using Rhino+Vray for about two years now, but I have one question: when I am texture mapping in the rendered viewport in Rhino, it's often hard to see the detail of the material until I actually render it. No matter if there are any lights or not, it will either be too "bright" or too dark. For example I've been working on getting a concrete texture to look right, but I have to tilt the model and a weird angle or do a small "render in window" to actually see how the material would look. Because it just looks super bright white, and that's the case with a lot of materials. Do you know of any way to better be able to see how the material is mapped in the Rendered view before actually rendering? Thanks
cwalke01 May 4, 2015
Any chance anyone has a gunmetal?
Helos, i can´t understand why i can´t have the tutorial of this https://flyingarchitecture.com/tutorials/bucefalo-sofa... please
You need at least an explorer account to access this tutorial. Please check out https://flyingarchitecture.com/user/subscription for more info on plans.
danyaloff Aug 24, 2015
so so so great site. the renders and models are great, the information is priceless. I'm novice in 3D world and I love Rhino so much. but one question, Mr. Matus, can u say, how I can export rhino model to 3ds max or maya in best way? which format best suited fot this and which Mesh settings I must set? tnx for reply.
I prefer Meshing it first and then exporting - You have better control over polygon network. Then you can use OBJ or FBX (which I prefer).
danyaloff Aug 26, 2015
thank u very much for ur reply
Aazath1992 Sep 6, 2015
Yeah.. me also need to know something about sketchup...
smitkhond Mar 17, 2016
Which of the models and materials be used in blender?
Any of our models can be imported to Blender via OBJ / 3DS / FBX
smitkhond Mar 25, 2016
How to apply these materials in blender ?
They are created and meant for V-Ray for Rhino. However, You can freely use the textures when recreating materials from scratch.
could i put material on the model for thea render in rhino? I tried to assign different material but it didn't work.
oh i figured it out. Thank you for building this great website! It is very useful!
He encontrado esta web por casualidad, solo hay trabajos de Rhino??? por lo poco que he podido ver muy buenos modelados. yo me estoy introduciendo a este mundo y me parece muy complejo, no se por donde seguir. Muchas gracias y un saludo.
thanks admin .. for this blog , for free download .. :)
Just wanted to drop by to say thanks!
Thank You for stopping by! ;)
Thank youu!!!! Amazing !!!
ArekThink Dec 16, 2016
Sofia, Bulgaria / Athens, Greece / Romania, you know somewhere Eastern Europe
christos_g Jan 12, 2017
Hello Greece here! Thessaloniki
I was so happy when I first found this website! I work with both, your models and your materials and I am always impressed by your works! Amazing what you can do with Rhino, thumbs up, and thanks <3
Thank You :)
Just found this website, incredible work, would there be a tutorial for the glass tumbler with the pattern please..Matt
NicoleHosheaChong Dec 31, 2017
Great website, It has been a big help to me. I am a student currently studying Interior Design. Thank you so much!
JesperKorfMadsen Mar 20, 2020
Thanks for a great website. I use it a lot and often buy 3d models. But I miss some cool 3d modeled classic cars for sale on the website. Can you help with that? ;-)
Hello, thank you for the suggestion. I will add it to the list of assets we need the most :)
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All our tutorials are now free during the virus outbrake.

All our tutorials are now free during the virus outbrake.

"Thanks" to the Covid-19 which is spreading all over the world like crazy, it's safer for all of us to stay at home. Let us offer you something to cover this area - it's the least we can do for you.
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