Black shiny plastic TV table comes as a free 3D model, suitable for modern and simple interiors. Get it as NURBS Rhino model set for V-Ray, or general OBJ.

64footdan Feb 11, 2020
Hi. Great Model! The dimension seems off. In Rhino 6 (Mac) it measures only 357 mm high from feet, which makes the drawers 235 mm high. Very small. Is there a correct dimension, or should I just scale it arbitrarily for my purposes? Thanks.
Hi, this one was modeled just by eyeballing form a ref image for the purpose to fit into one of our interior shot. No real dimensions were taken into account.
64footdan Feb 11, 2020
Ah. That makes sense. I'll just scale to my needs, then. Thanks.
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Black TV table

Free model
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Nov 11, 2016
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Black TV table

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