3 variations of a ceiling light - single unit, double and triple units modeled with high detail in Rhinoceros, comes as a NURBS model . Materials are set for V-Ray.
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Ceiling Spotlight

Lucas Final
Lucas Final
I divide the creating of visualizations into groups of several processes that require some knowledge. The first major process is the creation of 3D objects. For this purpose I use Rhinoceros, which uses NURBS mathematical model. I make sure my models and textures are as detailed as possible. Using the renderer, I set up the atmosphere and lighting of the scene, as the project requires it. I create raw renders which after that undertake a post process, with help of graphics programs. In the field of Virtual Design I can offer the creation of 3D models libraries. Visualizations of products, interiors and architecture.
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Mar 16, 2016
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Ceiling Spotlight

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