Floor standard lamp with aluminum frame finished in matt nickel lacquer and polycarbonate shade. Designed back in 2000, the light became very popular in modern interior design. Now it comes as a 3D model suitable for Rhinoceros and V-Ray.
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Easy Light by Pascal Mourgue

Lucas Final
Lucas Final
I divide the creating of visualizations into groups of several processes that require some knowledge. The first major process is the creation of 3D objects. For this purpose I use Rhinoceros, which uses NURBS mathematical model. I make sure my models and textures are as detailed as possible. Using the renderer, I set up the atmosphere and lighting of the scene, as the project requires it. I create raw renders which after that undertake a post process, with help of graphics programs. In the field of Virtual Design I can offer the creation of 3D models libraries. Visualizations of products, interiors and architecture.
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Mar 15, 2016
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Easy Light by Pascal Mourgue

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