FlyingArchitecture Plants Kit vol. 1 comes set for Rhinoceros and V-Ray, proxy files included as well.

This collection brings following:

- 3D model of short and tall grass (various blade shapes and lengths)

- 3D model of dandelion leaves

- 3D model of dandelion leaves with flowers

- 3D model of marguerite flower

- 3D model of various random/generic Leaves

- Photographed high resolution textures

Check out studio render above to find out what plants are included.

Hi FA, finally grass for Rhino and V-Ray. That's truly great, thx! But you wrote something about 'scattering' the grass. Would you be so kind and explain how you do that? Because, as far as I knew, scattering was not really an option in Rhino, but in Max or Cinema...
seltzdesign Oct 25, 2016
Of course its possible. You have Grasshopper in Rhino and you can quite easily build yourself a scatter tool or there probably is one already if you have a look in the Grasshopper forum ;)
Good idea, thanks. The one scatterer FA is using seems to work very fine, maybe they could let us know exactly which one they're using.
Hey! today I bought a nice new mic, so I can record a tutorial for that ;) Will do it this week :)
Great, looking forward to it!
Very good walkthrough by Chaos Group themselves:
einfach_A Oct 30, 2016
woohoo... very nice modle..! I'm looking forward to the grasshopper tut (:
It won't be grasshopper tut ;)
einfach_A Oct 30, 2016
ahh, i'm looking forward to the grass tut (:
Do you use Rhino Grow?
Yes I do
ProTanitim Nov 17, 2016
where can i find a functioning "rhino graw" installation?
thnx in advance.
Hello, It can be found on
einfach_A Nov 18, 2016
how do you work with rhino grow?
i try it and i can't generate more than 25 geometries.
can you help?
Go to and download the latest version - Geometry limit was removed ;)
einfach_A Nov 18, 2016
oh sure (:
i don't see that... thx
lourencobarreto May 23, 2017
When I open the object in Rhino the material is applied but when in render it is all grey. I've tried to apply the material again and it won't work. Can you please help me? Thank you.
Hi! Are You using V-Ray 2.0?
lourencobarreto May 25, 2017
Yes I am. Vray 2.0 with Rhino 5, i managed to apply it but i still can't apply the two sidded material, only if i apply the front material it works.
davidgallo92 Oct 23, 2019
I am getting the same problem with the file when Im opening it with vray 3.6 in rhino 6. whats going on?
Hello, the scene is set for Rhinoceros 5, maybe there is a problem with R6?
davidgallo92 Oct 23, 2019
Alright, when I open the proxy file, the dandalions and margs. are missing their textures. So my thought process is to export them as proxies from the base file. However, when I export the meshes, they create submaterial colors and the proxy loses its material information. Is there an issue with the version of vray I am using? I am on 3.60.04.
Hello, you are doing it right, however try to add one more step before: In Rhino, go to File Path Editor and re-link all textures, so you get all boxes green. Once done, try to render the scene, to check if all materials are right. Then save Rhino, close it, reopen the scene, and then export. Should work this way, let us know!
davidgallo92 Oct 24, 2019
I would do that but somehow when i open the base file in Rhino6, the file path editor shows that there are no assets, no materials in the vray asset editor.

I check the file in the proxy folder and it has everything correctly linked (still an empty material list), but the dandelions and marqs. are rendering without any material.

Ultimately, I am not getting anything from the download that has the base geometries applied with their materials. Most of the models I buy from you guys don't come with these difficulties,(and I have bought quite a handful). :)

Could flyingarchitecture please resolve these problems? They are quite pricey, but I don't mind, with the expectation that they aid, not complicate my workflow.
davidgallo92 Oct 25, 2019
I am hoping I come off sincerely, because I really do love all the models/textures you've been providing these years. With the intention of helping us understand the problem, the following natural element models are ones that are easy to work with and I have no problems with, as expected from point of purchase considering I have rhino 6 and vray 3.6.

Alnus viridis, tall grass batches, generic bushes and low trees, pebbles, 3d fern, weigela bush plant and alder trees. I am able to open these files with the materials applied and listed.

The ones I am having problems with are all of the Plant kit volumes; 1, 2 and 3. Hopefully, this helps us track down the issue.

davidgallo92 Oct 25, 2019
And I forgot to add that the low bush generic, high poly model doesn't have functioning proxies and the base file doesn't have a material list, however, the materials are well applied and I export them as vrscenes. individually as a current workaround, but it is not optimal. And this is not a realistic solution for the plant kit volumes.
Some of these issues made me cry, reading through all your comments - they seem to be randomly applied issues on products that were created the very same way since the beginning...
Please contact me via contact form [tag: technical issue] so I can assist you directly. I will also be happy to discuss your software specifics to find out what could cause these issues.
davidgallo92 Nov 3, 2019

is there going to be any sort of feedback?
Hello David, I tried to check what's the difference between the files we offer here. I found none...

All products are prepared in the same way and considering the inconsistency of V-Ray issues, we are not able to replicate the problem. Sometimes it seems V-Ray causes random problems, as in your case - some of our products work flawlessly, some just don't.

Question - have you tried V-Ray 2.0 version in R6 and V-Ray 3.6? Does it load or not at all?
davidgallo92 Jan 31, 2020
Somehow i never got an email notification that there was a response; thanks for following up. I have not tried vray2.0 in R6, I will be sticking with 3.6. And all the problems I've had are with R6 using 3.6. I guess I will just take the effort to rebuild the materials.
David, what I meant is if you tried V-Ray 2 product file version in R6+VR3.6 but it just sounds ridiculous - there's no reason it should be working better than dedicated 3.6 version. So do not waste time on that process. We will be switching some of our products to V-Ray Next soon, so I believe and strongly hope it will be more straight-forward than current 3.6 version. If you need further assistance, send me a message via contact for and I'll get back to you.
davidgallo92 Feb 1, 2020
I have tried opening a lot of these files in R5 with vray3.6 and I still cant load the models with materials listed in the asset editor?

Is it not possible to provide .vrmat files with the downloads? I have been able to reconstruct some of the materials for some downloads, but others are a bit tricky.
Hi, it is possible for sure, however it's very unfortunate way of reconstructing the product materials - doing this for more products or even a full 3D scene would be unimaginable pain, since we cannot pack all materials at once.
We will be switching some of our products to V-Ray Next soon, so I believe and strongly hope it will be more straight-forward than current 3.6 version. This product will be one of them for sure.

In any case, if you need further assistance, send me a message via contact for and I'll get back to you asap.
would it be possible to add a "proxy inside block" copy, like for vol 2 and 3? it's really useful! thanks!
yes, would be great!
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FlyingArchitecture Plants Kit vol. 1

FlyingArchitecture is both an architectural visualizations studio as well as an online store dedicated to 3D models, scenes, materials and tutorials.
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Published at:
Oct 24, 2016
Available files:
Rhino 5 + V-Ray 2.0
Rhino 5 + V-Ray 3.6
Rhino 6 + V-Ray Next Upd2

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