Industrial shelving system from sturdy steel pipes and matching cast fittings serve as the structure for natural warm wood planks. System provides support for decoration, books, workspace or things for everyday use.
Are these ONLY the shelves or also the books shown in all the product shots?
It sounds like it's only the shelves, but then every shot shows the books.

Polycount says "0" so it can't be guessed either.

Hi, it's the shelves with assets on it, but no interior environment.
ThomasWouters May 28, 2017
It's beautifull
PatrikBujnak Aug 14, 2018
Hi. I downloaded/paid for this 3D model. Everything are including (shelving system, accessories..), but I have a problems with rendering. The shapes of accessories are after rendering just transparent. Without any maps and materials. I used Vray. Could you advise me, what to do, please?
Hello, which V-Ray version do You use?
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Industrial Shelves

Stefan Turcovsky
Stefan Turcovsky
Born in Slovakia, Humenné. Flyingarchitecture artist with a passion for CGI and architecture. My main tools are Rhinoceros and Photoshop. I'm always looking for the new inspiration in every aspect of life because you never know where the new idea is hidden. I love romantic walks on a beach at a sunset, unicorns and laser cats.
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Jul 19, 2016
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Industrial Shelves

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