Set of 10 low-poly Acacia tree 3D models. Trees do not have high amount of detail, but will fit perfectly for distant views, such as aerials, etc.

Files included:

- 3dm file format (Rhinoceros 5) + V-Ray 2.0 materials

- Proxy object for both V-ray 2 and V-ray 3

- All  necessary textures

- General FBX exported from Rhinoceros

Real world size: Varies

Model light, but please consider converting it to Proxy and Block in order to optimize the performance.

Foliage from under the tree (see the previews) is not included, we used FlyingArchitecture Plants Kit vol. 1 to populate the area around the model.

김현진 Nov 23, 2017
Failed to load the material
i can see just gray
the proxy file will be forcibly terminated by pressing the Render button.
Hello, have You tried re-loading textures to their corresponding slots in V-Ray material Editor?
김현진 Nov 24, 2017
how to re-loading texture? i try just load proxy and multi-material changing
Which software (Versions) are you using?
김현진 Nov 25, 2017
i used vray2 .0 and rhino5 sr12
Please send me a message via Contact form. It's better if we sort this out via Screen sharing, so I can see what's happening.
Hello Matus, how are you?
When I open the file seems that the trees have the textures but when I render it the render is all grey like it hasn't textures applied. Even when I copy the trees for other file.
How can I solve this? I have to do some step in order to upload the textures?
Hello, which version of V-Ray are You using?
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Low-Poly Acacia Trees

I am a master in creating natural elements, travelling the planet Earth and making the most spectacular objects eternal in the digital world of 3D.
Item detail
Published at:
Nov 14, 2017
Available files:
Fbx + Textures
Rhino + V-Ray 2 Proxy + Textures
Rhino + V-Ray 3 Proxy + Textures
Rhinoceros 3dm model + V-ray 2 materials + textures

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