Premium model of sober elegance and timeless simplicity by Vincent Van Duysen.  MacBook Pro, simple table with decoration and small puffs are also included. 

Model coming set for Rhinoceros 5 + V-Ray 3.60.03

Hello i just downloaded this file for rhino6 vray 3.6 .Is there a way to convert it to a proxy object with its materials ? I have done this with all my previous models , however this one seems not to have any vray materials attached to it. Please let me know how to proceed. Thanks
Hello, I checked the file and all materials are there correctly. What version of V-Ray do You use exactly? We used 3.60.03, and reportedly, there might be issues with older Vray versions, even with 3.60.02 or so... Let me know! Thanks
Thank you ! Indeed i had the 02 version. I will install the new one and update you.
Thanks all is working well HOWEVER with the new update it seems that some of my proxies are now black and materialess !!! (rhino)
Hi! Try to re-download the product, unapack again and try this new and fresh file. Your old one might got corrupted by V02 already, if You resaved it.
isabelle.yi Oct 11, 2018
will this work on rhino6?
Hello, it wasn't tested with Rhino 6 - I am afraid You will have to try it out, but I am sure You will be able to open the model itself, but I am not that sure about the materials in V-Ray for Rhino 6.
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Neutra Outdoor Chair by TRIBÚ

What started as a blog run by a young architecture student in 2008 has become a complex project involving thousands of people from all over the world. First stepping stones were my first 3D models I came out with. In the course of time, more and more people supported me in my efforts and joined me by sharing their own works.
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Sep 18, 2018
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Neutra Outdoor Chair 3D Model