Good design is when you use an object like this this everyday intuitively and automaticly. But that doesn't mean we should take it for granted. Please meet our 3D model of old yet still modern Plia chair designed by by Giancarlo Piretti in 1969. The folding mechanism of the chair was completely novel in its day. The chair rests on a joint made of three metal disks which connect the back, legs, and seat in such a way that they can be folded up into a flat compact form barely five centimeters thick. The elegant chair, which is also suitable for outdoor use, has clear rounded forms, an oval-insection tubular steel frame, and transparent plastic surfaces. When folded up, it can be hung on a wall hook made specially for this purpose, but can also be stacked when folded out. Due to its straightforward construction and simple manufacturing, “Plia” can be produced at low cost and offered at correspondingly favorable prices. Over four million chairs have been sold since 1969.
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Piretti Plia chair (1969)

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Sep 30, 2014
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Piretti Plia chair (1969)

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