Robinia Pseudoacacia - False Acacia was scanned from a real-world object (that's where the trunk comes from). Branches and leaves were hand modeled.

Files included:

- 3dm file format (Rhinoceros 5) + V-Ray 2.0 materials

- V-Ray Proxy object

- All  necessary textures

- General FBX exported from Rhinoceros

Real world size: Approximately 4,8 m

Model is moderately heavy, so it is highly recommended to turn the tree into a Proxy and then make it a Block for significant performance boost. For this purpose, we included such scene ready for Rhino and V-Ray.

Foliage from under the tree (see the previews) is not included, we used FlyingArchitecture Plants Kit vol. 1 to populate the area around the model.

I need some trees for vr3.6. Could someone tell me would these load well or would need setting up materials and mapping from the start?
Currently (May, 2018) this is not set up for V-Ray 3.6 but we are working on it. Falloffs from V2 are not working in V3, so might experience some material issues, it's highly recommended to set the materials from scratch.
Chr155Cr055 Apr 4, 2020
I am looking for good quality bamboo trees for Rhino 6.0 & V-Ray. Any suggestions where to source those?
Hello, we do not currently have any, but there are resources such as Evermotion with tons of ... well, everything. They do not provide Rhino version, so you would have to create it by yourself.
Chr155Cr055 Apr 19, 2020
Are you guys aware that your store has been offline all day?
Hello, the issue is already fixed - I am sorry for any inconvenience.
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Robinia Pseudoacacia 02

I am a master in creating natural elements, travelling the planet Earth and making the most spectacular objects eternal in the digital world of 3D.
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Published at:
Nov 16, 2017
Available files:
Fbx + Textures
Rhino + V-Ray Proxy + Textures
Rhinoceros 3dm + textures

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