This was originally meant just as a Happy Hour item, but many people who missed this event, told me later that it would be very helpful for them to have this upholstered armchair for their interior renderings… So here it is :)
Great model guys, it renders up a treat - Many Thanks
marianadjes1 Sep 21, 2016
question: when i bring the model to my rhino file and try to render, hte materials and textures do not render... is there a reason why? or how can i fix it!
What V-Ray version are You using?
Dear Matus,
to me happens the same- model has no textures -
i work with latest versions Rhino 6+ Vray next. I wonder if this is the shift in versons or the downloads maybe will work if theey are as VRScenes formats?
before bying any models i was testing , but now i am concerned that this would also happen to the "nonfree" models ? thank you for clarifying , SU
Suzaka, this one is quite an old model... compatibility is an issue of V-Ray versions in general, that's something that cannot be fixed easily - we would have to recreate materials for each version, for each V-Ray update... I would like to recommend you to try out some latest FREE models from the furniture or plants, that were created in R5 and V-Ray 3.6.
Update to R6 and Next should be easy, you just get the notification that materials were updated automatically.
If you need to try something specific, shoot me an email, I can try it with any model from our website.
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Round armchair

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Sep 30, 2014
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Round armchair

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