Assets scanned in a deep forest, such as a moss covered rock, fallen tree trunk and several old stumps. Preview images were rendered with a set of Fallen autumn leaves and Tall conifers - these are not a part of this pack. Please see the following images for what is included.

Model set for Rhinoceros 5 + V-Ray 3.60.03

davidgallo92 Jun 6, 2019

What is the best way to use these objects? I download the .zip, extract to a folder and then after opening the forest park_01 rhino file, I attempt to copy and paste the meshes into a file I've been working on and the objects lose their bitmaps. Any suggestions?
davidgallo92 Jun 6, 2019
And the rock and one of the stumps wouldnt even render with the textures from the Forest_Pack_01 file
Hello David, This is well-known V-Ray bug. When transferring BLOCKS, materials are not transferred to the new scene. What do we do is following: Copy the block in our scene, paste it to your scene. Go back to our scene, explode the block in our scene and copy the objects, Paste the objects into your scene. Delete these inserted objects, keep only the block. Materials were transferred now and should be correctly applied to objects in the block definition.
davidgallo92 Jun 6, 2019
The file does not open with the meshes as blocks. Do you mean to explode the meshes?

I am attempting to go through it myself and creating the material with the provided bitmaps. Where should i place files ending with 'AO'?
It's in a diffuse slot, using Mix (operator) option - Bottom is the diffuse map, Top is AO map, operator is set to Multiply.
Nope, do not explode meshes. If they are blocks, explode them. If not, try to transfer them twice or three times (yep, sometimes that works too!)
BTW what version of V-Ray for Rhino do you use?
davidgallo92 Jun 6, 2019
I guess im no longer able to reply to your message, but I am using 3.60.02 at the moment. I guess that might be causing some problems. Thanks for the help.
davidgallo92 Jun 6, 2019
And just checking to make sure there isn't something missing from the download, but Forest stump_01 is the only one without an 'AO' file in the folder. Is it missing or unneeded?
It should be fine, AO is not important for all models (and modeler most probably didn't get this one from the scan.) So no worry if it's not included.
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Scanned forest assets

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Mar 7, 2019
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OBJ + textures
Rhinoceros 5 + V-Ray 3.60.03 + Textures

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