Detailed 3D model of a leafy tree.
Where can I download it?
Blue rectangle saying DOWNLOAD - located under the image ;)
In according to updated design: it's a red rectangle ;)
hey, I've download the model and the leafs are white no matter what I do.
also if I set the right picture and the diffuse and everything. hope you could help (sorry for the 2 comments)
Create a new material, or try to copy the tree to the new scene
hey i was having a trouble rendering in vray; the leaves were not coming out
Matus is correct. Copy the model into a new scene and rebuild the materials.
My tree stays white too, how can I give it the material properties?
Maybe you guys should make the download button a different colour ;) i had troble finding it as well...
I have the same probelm of rendering in vray, the tree is all white, and I recreated the materials using the leaf images in the download file, but the size of the image doesn't match the model, every leaf comes out with a white frame, and there are so many leaves so I couldn't use texture mapping to adjust each of them, and I tried to copy the tree to a new scene, it does't work either, it drives me crazy... do you know how can I fix the problem?
Hmmm might be a different V-Ray version maybe?
the problem is, that the source picture for leafs is in jpg and doesn´t contain just the leaf but the leaf + white background . open it in photoshop, remove the background and save in png format. open v-ray material editor and rewrite the original jpg . :))
muwkkapavl Feb 20, 2017
I had the same problem. What I did was:
1) explode the tree
2) apply materials for each item
anyone found a solution to this? I have done all of the selected work arounds but tree still renders white
윤정현 Jun 5, 2017
what kind of tree is this?
aspicer5456 Jan 24, 2018
Having a very hard time with the leaf material still. I've tried making my own material, but it seems nearly impossible to have the provided leaf image positioned correctly on every individual leaf. I understand how the opacity map works, but the result is incorrectly oriented/scaled leaves scattered around the modeled leaf peaces. I feel like i'm missing somethere here...
Hi, can You please open a Forum thread and post some images? Also pls include a Vray version You are using. Thank You
alfelizondo Aug 1, 2019
I had the same problem with the leaf material and the rendered white frame, that happens because you need to place the Transparency map in the Multipliers / Opacity layer, you should probably invert the bitmap to have the correct transparency. This happened to me, but I honestly spent time to discover. :P
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