Wild Grass pack brings optimized and lightweight way to fill your large green areas with realistic wild (uncut) grass for Rhino 5 + V-Ray 3.60.04 and for Rhino 6 + V-Ray Next Update 2.

This collection brings following:

- Ribwort 3D model - 8 variations

- Clover batch 3D model - 9 variations

- Generic tall grass batch 3D model - 10 variations

- Different batch of tall grass 3D model - 12 variations

- 3D Dry grass batches - 6 variations

- 3D Flowers - 17 variations

- Photographed high resolution textures + their derivatives, such as normal maps, reflection maps, etc, where and if necessary.

Models are created to be as light and simple as possible - in a lowpoly modeling way. All come as proxy (in blocks) as well for easy use.

Check out studio render above to find out what plant types and batches are included.

Meadow/field sample scene from preview renders is 75x75m (5625 sq. m) and is included in the package (except the trees and shrubs on the outer side of the field.)

what do you use for scattering these in rhino?
Hello, we use Rhino Grow by Cam Newnham (free plugin for Rhino for easy and basic scattering.)
Hi Matus,

I just bought the plant kit vol.3

Vray doesn't seem to render the blocks...any tips as to how to render blocks?

Thank you!

V-Ray doesn't render them in our scene, or after importing them into your scene?
Hello, is possible to use this model with V-ray 2.0? Does it work? Thank you
Hello, you will need to set up materials from scratch, as the supported version is V-Ray 3.60.
RodrigoGuimarães Nov 4, 2019
I'm using Rhino 6 + Vray 3.6 and I'm having trouble resizing the grass.
I've sent an email explaining the whats happening using the contact form.
Thank you for contacting us. Response will be sent shortly.
DavidGallo Jan 31, 2020
I am rebuilding the materials from scratch and am wondering what is the double sided material for/how it is formatted?

is it just using a ribwort clover material with applied bitmaps for front and back?
Hi David, 2sided material is a master material for each leaf (transparent objects, such as leaves, or cloth in other products) to get a nice transparent effect with the shadows being visible on the other side. There is always a basic material that is inside the 2sided material, and just this one is applied to the geometry. without 2sided material, you wouldn't get a realistic appearance of the leaves. Sometimes we use the same material for both Front and Back, sometimes we differ them a bit in terms of lightness and contrast.
DavidGallo Jan 31, 2020
the ribwort clover just being an example
(replied to the other comment above)
DavidGallo Jan 31, 2020
Sooooo I have rebuilt all of the materials for this kit and applied them to the appropriate meshes. I copied them over into a new rhino file and then created a new series of .vrmeshes from that rhino file. Everything within that (base)file is working well, but when i copy everything over(base geometry and proxies) into a new file(which is what I would do to use them for a project), some of the proxies' materials lose their opacity mask...any idea here? It isn't even happening by 'material', because for example one proxy set of tall grass with weeds 3, 5 and 6 comes in just fine, but all the others lose the opacity mask. All the base geometry in this new file renders fine; does this mean I have to recreate proxies for every new scene?
This happens randomly for any kind of object/product within R and V-R. Also some of the products we purchase (as an archviz studio) from our competitors and we set them up with proper materials, they tend to lose it's material definition on transferring to a new scene. This happens to a random objects, not materials. It's an issue that caused us a lot of pain and we killed hours trying to track it down, no luck.
I am very sad to hear it also happens to you using our products.
It might be, just very hypothetically, a specific V-Ray version we - or you - use for production. To check that out, please shoot me an email via our contact form.
Why would we use two sided material instead of translucency in refracion? I mean in which case is every option suitable? Or, can we achieve the same result with these two methods?
We did many tests for both cases and 2sided came to be faster for rendering in most occasions, so we stick to it. Do you find it to be different in your case?
Thank you for your comment Matus!
I havent tried it yet, but mostly I wanted to ask you if there is a quality difference.

In general, do we prefer, for other translucent materials, the one method more than the other?
For plants, we prefer to use 2sided, since we found it faster to render. It's important for our extremely large scenes (aerials, masterplans, or even simple and ordinary man-eye views), we do not make super closeups with ladybugs on leaves :) For such detail, maybe even thickness and translucency would make a nice effect, however for our needs this is what seems to be most effective.
Dmitry Ignashin Apr 17, 2020
Hi! How did you create blocks for proxy objects? They look very simple in a viewport (as boxes). When I try to create block instance from proxy mesh it looks similar to proxy mesh.
Hi there, you can change proxy preview in the Asset editor / Geometry. You can choose box preview from the list of options available.
Dmitry Ignashin Apr 18, 2020
Thanks a lot!!! It was very helpful for my huge scene!
Would it be possible for the volume 1 2 and 3 to add a version for Rhino 6 and Vray 3.6? Most of the objects work if I open the Rhino 5 version, but some don't, so it's a bit annoying, it seems random. But otherwise it's a great series, thank you very much for it!
Hi, Please re-download the product, we added a Rhino 6 + V-Ray Next upd 2 version for some of our store items.
JanŠefl May 6, 2021
Zdravím, rád bych se zeptal, jestli bundle bude šlapat i v Rhinu 7 + Vray 5? Díky za odpověď.
Tested in R7 + V-Ray 5, working without any issues on our side.
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Wild grass - Plants Kit vol. 3

I am a master in creating natural elements, travelling the planet Earth and making the most spectacular objects eternal in the digital world of 3D.
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Published at:
Jul 18, 2019
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OBJ + textures
Rhino 5 + V-Ray 3.60.04
Rhino 6 + V-Ray Next Upd2

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