High detailed Nurbs model of the Wing Chair by Hans J Wegner.

========== Available Formats ==========

The model is made and rendered in Rhinoceros V5 with V-Ray V3.6 + OBJ file included.

============= Features ============

1. Textures are included (various sizes). 

2. 90% accurate topology. 

3. All materials are V-Ray materials. 

4. 3D Parts are properly named.

5. All materials are properly named.

6. All the polysurfaces are closed and all the details are included. 

7. UV mapping made inside Rhino.

============= Notes ============

All the preview images were made with this model, including textures. 

Don't forget to refresh the material directory for textures.

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Wing Chair by Hans J Wegner

Luis Lobo
Luis Lobo
Degree in Industrial Design, with experience to handle the design related fields and the computer graphics industry. Authorized Rhino Trainer and V-Ray for Rhino Beta Tester. With ability to design, software usage, planning, production and projects direction. Dynamic and enthusiastic; conceptual thinker, explorer and creator of new trends.
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Jun 6, 2018
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Wing Chair by Hans J Wegner

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