Remastered version of Black kitchen interior scene ready for Rhinoceros 5 + V-Ray 3.6 / 2.0 and Photoshop. 

What’s included:

- Vray 3.6 version - remastered daylight scene and two new night scenes.

- Vray 2.0 version -  original daylight scene

- Rhinoceros 3D file (.3dm)

- Various textures and V-Ray materials

- V-Ray Lights

- 3 Post Production files in 3000x1875 px resolution (Photoshop CC 2018)

- Final image - jpeg format

- There is no 3Ds Max, or Sketchup version. 3D scene is distributed in .3dm only

sorry, I payed 55.66 EURO... more than 46 euro signed in your offer , and i can't download the 3d scene... why ?
Hi, regarding the Download: Problem has been fixed, You can download the scene now. Problem was that the names of download files were missing, so we added them to the files and it should work by now.
Secondly, about the price: VAT was added to Your price, it's based on Your location. Something we/You cannot avoid.
Ok Matus , Problem has been solved, Now I'm going to download the 3d scene, Thanks again for your reply about the price, ( I'v missed the Vat in your price ) and the download link !Have a nice day
hi, one question: is the women a 3dmodell or added in ps?
Hi, the woman is PS.
i downloaded the scene but the leaves are all black, dou you know why?
and also the carpet has no texture is that normal? The leaves has no texture it looks like the 3d model just in white
Hi, what version of Vray do you use? I've downloaded the scene from website and both the textures for rug and leaves are in the folder.
Hello, I jut tested it and it works flawlessly, so the textures are not missing for sure. I suppose You are missing these textures / materials due to V-Ray version. What V-Ray version are You using?
hello, i use vray 2.00.23938
now i got it, thank you i have a old vray version so it didnt work
sergiosb86 Nov 26, 2016
i cannot download the file
Hello, it should be working flawlessly. What kind of problem do You have, what happens? Can You see the Download button, or is the download interrupted?
The scene renders perfectly in Vray 3.0 as well EXCEPT for when I enable GPU acceleration. The glass instead looks like a shiny metal instead of glass. The only noticeable change I can find in the settings (when GPU acceleration is enabled) is that the enabling/disabling global shadows (from the switches panel) disappears, but this doesn't seem like it should be affecting the glass. Is this just a limitation of what the GPU-accelerated mode is able to handle? For reference, here are 3 rendered regions in the order of 1. standard vray render 2. vray progressive render (cpu) 3. vray progressive render (gpu):
Did you ever figure out how to fix this issue?
I suppose this could be fixed by Chaos Group in upcoming V-Ray version (3.6) - just report the issue directly to Chaos.
When I render this with vray 3.6 the scene comes out very dark with almost no lighting and some of the textures are not working and are not even linked to the materials. Is the scene compatible with the new release?
Hi, this scene was done in Vray 2.0 and as such is not compatible with latest version. There will be a new revamped version of this scene optimized for Vray 3.0 sometime in the next few weeks.
ajanukanis May 17, 2022
It will run with vray 5?
Hello, this scene is currently compatible only with Vray 3.6 and Next.
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Black kitchen

Lukas Filip
Lukas Filip
Lukas is a part of FlyingArchitecture team.
Item detail
Published at:
Oct 19, 2016
Available files:
3D model Vray 2.0
3D model Vray 3.6
PSD file Vray 2.0
PSD file Vray 3.6

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