Interior 3D Scene ready for Rhinoceros 5 + V-Ray for Rhino 2.0 and Photoshop.

What’s included:

- Rhinoceros 3D file (.3dm)
- Various textures and V-Ray materials
- 3D NURBS sofa model; 81 different books; unique V-Ray materials
- V-Ray Lights
- Post Production file in 4K resolution (PSD was prepared in Photoshop CC)
- Final image - jpeg format

- There is no 3Ds Max, or Sketchup version. 3D scene is distributed in .3dm only
congratulation!!! exellent work
Thank You :)
congratulation!!! exellent work.... can you sxplain the settings for this scene??? how long did this render takes time?
Thank you for saying "There is no 3Ds Max, or SketchUp version." After all, this is a place for RHINO modeling!!! Go Rhino!
??? i looked your product yesterday and it cost 59 euro, today over 20% plus???
Based on Your VAT settings, You may see the price with or without an additional VAT. The price was and still is the same :)
studiodela Dec 3, 2015
hey! im trying to download the file from you but its to slow.. it will take 3 days till i get the file. can u send it in another way?
Of course, send me an email please.
studiodela Dec 5, 2015
hey Matus. i sent u my email.
File sent :)
Very nice work mister!:) Did you model the curtains in rhino? If so, do you mind explaining how? Thanks!
These curtains are modeled in other software, but yes - it is possible to make them in Rhino (however it would take some time...)
So, how would you go about that then? Too get that flow.. Rhino seems a bit stiff sometimes. I would make some random curves and loft these, but I dont think I would get the same "windy" feeling. Any tips?
Btw which software do you recomend for modeling fabric and simmilar materials? Dont say 3dsmax. How about definitions in grasshopper ? Any possibiliies?
stefan turcovsky Dec 18, 2015
Hi, you can create normal curtain without the wind effect with curves and loft and then use cage edit (cage with small CP number like 4x4x4 for general shape) to adjust the flow with the wind. It's always hard to use just the curves
aguilarjuan90 Jan 4, 2016
after paying for the scene, i have downloaded the .zip file and my WinRar says that the file is broken or uses an invalid type of file. Help please!
Hey, send me an email, we will sort it out for You :)
Hi, sorry i have the same problem... help me please!
Yep we will solve it via email ;) Sorry for the hassle.
zieglerlucas Feb 11, 2016
Hey great work !!! Have you also packed the vray settings into the bundle ?
yep, complete 3D scene with materials and final V-Ray settings. Also PSD postproduction file is packed as well ;)
No possible way of paying for this with anything other than Paypal?!
Yes, we offer only Paypal at the moment. If you are interested, feel free to send me an email (via contact form here) and we can arrange a wire transfer (bank transfer).
thank you very much :)))
We are glad You are happy :)
timothytcc Mar 30, 2016
nice work ur website materials are great
Thank you very much! :)
Hi! im trying to download the file and i get network error while download every time
Contact me via our contact form please.
Hi I have downloaded the scene however none of the materials are appearing in the scene instead everything it overly dark and almost looks semi transparent?
Hi, are you using latest V-Ray version?
Yep using the current version of V-ray and Rhino
Can You give me V-Ray version's number?
Where would i find that?
It's the name of the Installation file.
Using Vray 1..50.225
In the description we say "Rhinoceros 5 + V-Ray for Rhino 2.0 " - You are using V-Ray 1.5 (very outdated version, not the current one...) please upgrade Your V-Ray 1.5 to 2.0 and the scene will work flawlessly.
but is free ? ( i dont know)
Nope, it's not free :) There is a button to purchase the scene.
benito3000 Jun 25, 2016
Hi, I'd be interested to know if you modeled the sofa in the same way as your 3d pillow tutorial, or whether you used a different technique or software such as Marvellous designer for the irreuglarities.
It was done in a similar way inside Rhinoceros.
Is there to create any possibility to use them for 3ds Max with V-ray 3.2 on the same quality?
If You recreate materials, You can achieve even better quality thanks to V-Ray engine.
muazesen Aug 2, 2016
Hi, i have bought these scene yesterday but i got no bill (i need it for the company) can you send me this please? ANd i want to ask how long took the rendering cause i wanted to render it and after 6 hours i stopped
Hi! What specifications does your computer have?
i have an i7, with 12gb ram, GTX960
Is this problem still persisting? Have you tried it lately? (You posted that comment 3 months ago, so that's why I'm asking)
ill try it at weekend again on another pc and will tell you after them, but thank you
Invoice issue has been fixed,
eliottlitrowski Sep 21, 2016
Hi, do you get the Vray set up with it? thanks
Yes You do.
Hi I have downloaded the scene but none of the materials are appearing in the scene and everything is very dark. And i use the vray version 2.00, whats the reason?
Hello, please shoot me a message via contact form, Thanks.
memoryyf96 May 5, 2017
Hi, I just downloaded the scene (Receipt No: 2253-7641-8783-0667) but I realized I have purchased the same scene in 2015... Can I please get the credit and purchase other scene from you? thanks !!
Hello, I couldn't find any duplicated purchase - I believe You only purchased this scene once. If You provided multiple payments for this scene (which is technically impossible), please reach me via email - we will sort this out.
memoryyf96 May 7, 2017
Thanks, can I have your email address please
Sure - please use a contact form (top right corner)
memoryyf96 May 5, 2017
Hi, can I use this scene with vray 3 for rhino? thanks
It can be used for sure, but we did not test the scene in V-Ray 3 yet.
PetrBaletka Jan 16, 2018
Hello Matus, are you going to reset your scenes with new V-Ray 3 setups? I did try to render this scene in V-Ray 3 but it´s not that good.
Well, most of the people still use 2.0 and some even 1.5 (!!!). We will be switching to 3 in upcoming weeks, but I don't think we will redo the old scenes.
hello, i just bought the scene but its failing to download .
Hello, is this still happening? If so, please shoot me an email via contact form. Thanks
N_design1992 Dec 12, 2017
Hi I have downloaded the scene but none of the materials are appearing in the scene and everything is very dark. I use Rhino 5 and vray version 2.0, whats the problem?
NOTE: we're discussing this issue with comments author directly via email.
Hi, can I modify the scene in Rhino ? For example, I would to remove the lights above the table or move the chairs... Thanks
Hello, of course! It's up to you how you use the scene - you can modify it anyhow, you can use the models in your scenes...
Thanks for your quick reply !
Hi Marcus! I would like to ask one thing regarding the lighting. Did you use VRay sun together with portal lights for this scene or you went up with VRay rectangular (or other shape) lights to light up the whole scene?
Hello, my name is Matus ;)
Lighting: In this scene I used very specific case of lighting (2 suns with same direction for a specific reason) but in general I'd like to recommend using V-Ray sun along with Portals and if necessary, also some planars inside.
Oups! Please sorry Matus for misspelling you name :( I don't know why I haven't checked it out before sending any question.
Thanks a lot for your answer. I like your lighting very much, it's so natural, modern and it brings very nice emotions. Keep up the good work! :)
Actually, it gets better in our latest scenes, check out the ones that were published recently. This one, Beach House, is already quite outdated...
RichardPartington Jan 10, 2021
Hi Matus, I am interested in buying your scene but do you know if the settings for lights and materials will work with a newer version of Rhino?
Hello, this one is the oldest one we ever created and I am almost sure there will be issues with newer versions of Rhino and V-Ray. I would recommend you to choose another scene. We might consider updating them for Rhino 7 later on, but for now we cannot guarantee the compatibility with the latest release.
RichardPartington Jan 13, 2021
Hi Matus. Thank you for your response. I thought that maybe the case. Could you suggest another scene that you believe would work with rhino 6 or 7 which has a similar feeling in lighting and the overall effect? Thank you
Hi! The Scandinavian Interior was created in R5 and should work fine in R6.
Next week I will check out R7 and V-Ray 5 to see if these scenes can run in this newest updated software.
Brian Overman Feb 10, 2022
Hello Matus, this is a beautiful scene. I see the comments from last year about versions, I'm wondering if this has since been updated for R7 and V-Ray 5?
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Beach house living room

Matus Nedecky
Matus Nedecky
Matus is a visual enthusiast - loves everything about visual representation in architecture. Disregards “Form follows function,” he always puts “Form follows form” in the front instead. He covers the whole ground - visualizations, 2D & 3D assets, architectural photography, you name it. Matus is also a father of 3, and to stay sharp, he loves working, boxing, Marilyn Manson and driving fast.
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Nov 12, 2015
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FlyingInterior - Beach house living room

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