Power of Plants scene is a small but stylish pack of custom 3D models, materials and textures. Easy to use, full of detail and realism!

What's Included:

3D file for Rhinoceros 5 + V-Ray 3.60.03 

All necessary textures, materials and proxies


Important notes:

There's no 3ds Max version, nor Sketchup version. Also, we do not include obj file, as the scene is extremely extensive.

Be considerate when using older versions of V-Ray for Rhino: not all materials and proxies might work correctly! (I'm looking at you, V-Ray 1.5 and 2 users).

When I try V-ray in the downloaded state, the background outside the window comes out unnaturally. How do I change the settings to render like the image above?
stefan turcovsky Dec 1, 2019
Hi, background and glow was added in postproduction.
Hi, i need some information.
I have opened your file but the difference with your final result is substantial. Except for post production that you have done i need know:
- where do I insert the HDR light?
- aren't the materials vray materials?
- the lights are not vray light?
thank you
stefan turcovsky Dec 29, 2019
Hi, everything should be the same. Only difference is postproduction aspect.

There's a Dome Light where you can put different HDRI if needed. Great resource is
All the material are vray material
All lights are vray lights

For postproduction, only difference is background and of course some adjusments as curves, color balance, application of render channels from your raw render and camera raw filter in photoshop for final result.
Hi Stefano. I m a vray 3.4 user and when i open the scene i can't see vray lights and materials and i can't see lights in the correct way. I would ask you If it's possible have the scene exported for vray 3.4 so the scene works in the correct way. Thanks a lot
stefan turcovsky Dec 30, 2019
Hi, I'm sorry but it's not possile to export scene from vray 3.60.03 to vray 3.4 beacause it's just an old version of vray and almost nothing will work with it. I recommend you to update to at least vray 3.60.03 or later.
I was wondering if the scene is totally compatible with V-Ray Next.
Thank you
stefan turcovsky Apr 23, 2020
Hi, it should work no problem.
hi I just bought this scene, this compatible with VRay v2.00 for Rhino 5 Win64?
stefan turcovsky Jun 7, 2020
Hi, materials and lights will not work properly because it's old version of v-ray. It's stated in description of the product. I recommend you to update to at least v-ray 3.60.03 or later.
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Power of Plants

Stefan Turcovsky
Stefan Turcovsky
Born in Slovakia, Humenné. Flyingarchitecture artist with a passion for CGI and architecture. My main tools are Rhinoceros and Photoshop. I'm always looking for the new inspiration in every aspect of life because you never know where the new idea is hidden. I love romantic walks on a beach at a sunset, unicorns and laser cats.
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Sep 15, 2019
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