Architectural visualization - online webinar

Architectural visualization - online webinar

Novedge approached us to lead one of their amazing online webinars  - and we said yes. Of course, why wouldn't we? :)

Architectural visualization - online webinar

The webinar is free, however places are limited, so hurry up to join this online event ;) It will be our very first online webinar in history, therefore we need some suggestions. Even if I already have a rough idea about the schedule and topics covered, I would love to hear from You what would You guys like to see!

So how to apply:

1. Join our Facebook event so we know about you;

2. Leave a comment in the comment area below to give us a suggestion for topics we should cover;

3. Read more info here at Novedge website and then, the most important, register officially here.

Looking forward to meeting you all online... but first, your suggestions please ;)

Len tak ďalej , hlavne ohľadom maskovania, a niake tie odlesky :D
Vray Lighting and Post production, and how to effectively composite both, in daylight and specially nightime renders.
Vray lighting indeed
visualform Dec 25, 2014
Definitely postproduction process :)
SebastianC Jan 1, 2015
night renders would be awesome
Environment creation and creating a believable setting for your objects.
erland73 Jan 2, 2015
Use of Vray Sun with HDRi
Definitely interested :D
As a suggestion, the best way to manage materials in a complex scene.
Compositioning the scene in post production. May be about your workflow? How you managed with time and choosing the right material.
nsrdanov Jan 2, 2015
vray lighting and ps Post production.
I´m particularly interested in plugins and post production techniques
Vray materials and Photoshop post production
Ägidius Jan 5, 2015
photoshop postproduction
DVCpatriot83 Jan 5, 2015
total postproduvction, all Vray and software settings are all over the internet, but postproduction workflows, that's a different story :D
awesome post-production
cant wait! more post production then anything else!
cant wait! more post production then anything else!
then=than ..........................!!!!
post-producción, uso de setting para vray
wojciech Jan 7, 2015
i would like to see some useful grashopper
We as a visualization studio don't use Grasshopper that much as you think
wojciech Jan 7, 2015
i would like to see some useful grashopper \
Cyrilkallab Jan 7, 2015
mainly post production, also at which point / how do you feel you have a solid base render for use in postproduction
If this happens again, please cover material making and usage - making them look realistic
carlosgp16 Aug 24, 2015
Sorry. Can you guys explain me What is webinar?
It's an online live session You can attend and listen & watch the lecturer :)
irenediaz Sep 3, 2015
Hello!!! I'm trying to create an image that has lots of fog it in RHNO VRAY ! But I, can't manage, Does anyone know how? or a good Tutorial
I would use Z-depth channel in Photoshop to do a fog :)
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