V-Ray features Wishlist

V-Ray features Wishlist

V-Ray features Wishlist

Hey you!

I am pretty sure you are very satisfied with V-Ray for Rhino too. It's the best render engine so far, capable of covering all visualizaiton fields we might need. I am personally very satisfied with the amount of possiblities it gives me, however... however sometimes I am sad, as we still miss some basic features other platforms do support.

This way I would like to encourage you all to help us to spread the word and to create a list of missing features, we would like to see in some of  next major releases of V-Ray for Rhino. Use the comments area below to support the idea. In the end, we'll send the list to ChaosGroup and let's hope for the best ;)

Hair and Fur are not supported at all, we'd love to use this feature for our interior images - for carpets, blankets, fur coats :)
Material Editor - I think this is a big issue here - we'd need better, more advanced, more logical material editor. Materials list is also a big mess, listing materials by alphabet is nice, however pretty hard to use without thumbnails. Maybe a better integration with basic Rhinoceros material editor, or even a new, revamped and more advanced Material editor would do the job better than the current one.
I'd say that Material Editor could really, really,..... really use some serious refurbishing. The most ancient versions of 3DSMAX Vray use better interface than latest versions for Rhino :-/
luis88luis Oct 30, 2014
Hi to everyone... :) I think that we need the option "delete" with the keyboard button, It is a fast solution for the problem of many useless materials in our files. I think too that we need a HDRI fast-viewer. In many cases, the VFR Material Editor thumbnail isn't functional, perhaps it is small? The New BRDF material is good, but the Material Thumbnail needs to be more precise. If we use "apply material to selection" VFR works fine, but if we use another option to apply a Material, sometimes it doesn't work correctly. ID random color when we create a new material. Please DELETE the option "Live Update"... Just this for now... :D
Delete with a keyboard actually works for me :)
What I really miss is a scatter texture support, that makes it possibile to randomize the texture alignment throughout the repetitions along the textured surface. That one, one won't see a repeating cluster for all the vintage/dirt materials, or stuff like bricks and roofing. Also - the Material Editor.
i´d love to see something like volume light
This article is supposed to speed things up :) Let's hope ;)
1) Real scale material, 2) Kelvin value of lighting, 3) muli-light of image, 4) Camera cut-off, 5) Gpu rendering with all light effect include ies light, 6) Autofind ip address, 7) Add rendering machine at any time in rendering
8) roll play release service patch
I wish to see something like paper materials
You can easily simulate paper with 2-sided material. But sure, something more user-friendly would be definitely better :)
9) Support Motiva COLIMO, like vray for 3dsmax, thx!
Material editor similar to one in vray for 3dsmax (i think its called 'slate material editor').
Working Caustics. We did countless tests for caustics, but no success. It keeps behaving randomly.
Support clipping planes would be cool
options copy/instance/clear/... content in slots. For example when I want the same texture in reflection and refraction slot., it would be so much easier to just drag and drop it in "m" button. Same like in 3DsMax....
combination Gpu and Cpu rendering would be great :)
Can definetly stand behind the need for hair/fur which could also help to make grass much simpler
rendering in two point perspective projection
Better organized, more compact material editor with mix curve graph and node editor.
What about V-ray camera as it already is in 3ds Max?. I really miss the possibility to set up more independent cameras in one single file. It is a bit annoying to reconfigure your render settings all the time when you switch from one named view to another one. And of course there is no discussion that material editor needs to be improved. Please fix this in the new version.
marcellinho Nov 21, 2014
I´d appreciate to see live preview of vray shader maps (like TexNoise...) in Rhino viewport. Now, if used, they are all gray...
lets start with the basics, whats about a decent material editor, with library? its so annonying relinking all texture elements if some pathes are changing on the system. or working on project from two workingstations with cloudservices.
Simple copy and paste maps in material editor would be a great new feature :)
nonameplum Nov 27, 2014
Like others said. MATERIAL EDITOR should be redesigned from the bottom. For now it is looking like alfa 0.0001.
redesign MATERIAL EDITOR..... I think this may be wait ten years to release next version 3..............!
nonameplum Dec 3, 2014
I don't think so. They have enough tools to make it happen fairly quickly. They are using QT for material design. In current version it looks like they created gui for materials edition because of small amount of time.
Batchrender with all Renderpasses in Tiff would be great !
marcellinho Jan 20, 2015
Sort of "vray camera" with camera clipping option would be great.
Domelight map visible in the viewport and ability to link the sun and domelight to rotate together.
A better material menu , CPU and CPU rendering!!!!!!!thks!!!!!!!!
Materials with Grasshopper
caglaGurbay Nov 6, 2015
Please camera options like in vray for 3dsmax. And hair/fur.
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