We are up and running!

We are up and running!

We are up and running!

Dear friends!

After quite a long time of "inactivity" with FlyingArchitecture, we are back. And I really mean it. For the whole time, while You haven't seen any updates to the website, there was a team in the background working really hard, hidden, secret, preparing something unseen... We have been working for half a year on something what was unveiled just yesterday. With all the glory, fanfares, sparkles. Welcome, our new-newborn :)

The Beginning

FlyingArchitecture was launched in 2008, by uploading a very first 3D model to the website. Since then, it became my passion. I was so much motivated by sharing my stuff that I sacrificed every single day for couple of months just to creating and sharing. I haven't seen any response, I haven't read any opinion, or suggestion, I did not get any support message... as at that time, nobody knew FlyingArchitecture. Established websites even rejected my offers for cooperation and I received emails underestimating FlyingArchitecture's mission... But I did not give up. I had a dream that one day, I will create a place offering all features to all students or professionals on the planet (using Rhinoceros as a modeling software) they will ever need... So I kept living my dream and I kept working and working. And working. After couple of weeks, a few people noticed my effort and offered me some of their free 3D models! I was so amazed, that someone liked what I was doing! Thanks to these gentlemen, FlyingArchitecture database grew up even faster. Thanks Leo, Thanks Rendy, Thanks Jan.

Our Fans

During these years, hundreds of people contacted me by sending nice and cheering emails.I am so much thankful to all of them, every single one made my day better and each of their responses gave me the power to keep going. And tens of them even shared their models with us, to support not FlyingArchitecture itself, but the community of people just like them! All of these people created an amazing network, a working machine, a powerful family sharing the knowledge. And there's nothing better than a working team, right? :) 

I can get no satisfaction...

In despite of undeniable success of the FlyingArchitecture back those days, I felt unsatisfied. I felt I can do even better, I can enhance it to make it the top class website for 3D models. I tried a few times, each time I enhanced the front site (the design), but keeping the backsite the same - as I used a blogging platform to manage the whole thing. I was dreaming each day of having a fully professional solution (which costed money, of course), which I could not afford. But I didn't leave the dream.

In the spring of 2014, we got into the state that I started thinking about the new website again. Seeing growing visitors statistics, I decided this is the right time to come with the portal, the platform where all of us could meet, chat and share. One day I just picked up a phone, called several webdesign and we development companies and decided to pick one until the end of the week. I am a bit impulsive, I know. :)

So this is how it happened. The first step was done and I knew wooohooo... it's already happening!!! Sounds like a drama now, but that's exactly how I felt :)

Sleepless nights...

...are actually something we did not had to do, but we dedicated it all our time outside the bed ;) We worked our keyboards and mice off to bring you the experience across all devices and platforms, so feel free to check this page on your smartphone, tablet, laptop and large screen PC :) Amazing, isn't it? Kudos to our programmers :)

Besides this, we also prepared an everyday game for you: By doing some specific activity on the website, you can harvest bonuspoints, which will be added to your account, which can be spent in various ways right away! Yes, you can even get a free postproduction just by sharing this article on Facebook ;)

The DreamTeam

The best of the best were hired to do the job, as everything had to be perfect! This way, I would like to thank to the team of Martin Haviar and Martin Grega for doing such an amazing job - they were able to cuddle with each bit and pixel to create such an amazing masterpiece :) Thanks also to the FlyingArchitecture team - Jitka, Štefan, Lukáš and our interns Lenka and Martin. They did an unbelievable job over the summer and handled millions of tons of work - from rerendering every single 3D model and material, to writing tens of new tutorials, which you can already access!

The future

Even if we just made the big step forward for mankind, we are not stopping... not even for a second. This step was just the first step in the life-long marathon! So hold your hats, ladies and gentlemen... this will be a ride :)

To sum it up...

... I have to thank you all for your infinite support, for your hours, days, months and even years spent browsing on our website, which gave us the ensurance that what we do, we do it right. We also take this as a commitment to do even better. As 4 Non Blondes sing - Bigger, better, faster, more. That's our motto now :)

Let's unite!

Becoming the largest resource of 3D models, materials and tutorials for Rhinoceros, we took the responsibility on our shoulders which we are planning to use to enhance the community, to prove that together, we can beat any obstacles standing in our way to good models or visualizations in any 3D software of your choice. Together, we can create even stronger database of resources, offering it to our friends, collagues, or coworkers from any nation around the world. Let's unite and make this CGI world a better place :)

Thanks for sharing qll the really good rhino stuff over the years! Wish you a smooth start and all the good luck with the new page. PS_I'd be glad to see some detailed tutorials for exterior architecture, even if they'd be paid.
Thank You Helldoor. We are already working on some interior / exterior tutorials :) No worry, they are coming sooner or later :)
what happened to some of the vray materials?
We are still processing them... They are coming back online as soon as we have them :)
mexican_chilli Nov 2, 2014
hey Matus, congratulations on the relaunch of the new Site, looks awesome!!!!
Thank You very much for the whole FA team :)
felttippen Dec 22, 2014
As a relatively new member here on Flying Architecture I've got to say it's a fantastic resource, beautifully laid out and nicely designed. Keep up the great work. :)
Thank You very much for Your kind words :)
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