FlyingArchitecture Adventure #3

FlyingArchitecture Adventure #3

Hey FlyingArchitects!

Such a hot summer days, right? How about doing something cool? Yeah, I mean why not to attend our Workshop No.3? We’re doing it again – in our office in Brno, we’re organizing this event to lead you through the obstacles of everyday CGI life, so you can easily overcome the problems and start your career as a freelancers.

FlyingArchitecture Adventure #3

Our everyday workflow consists of utilization Rhinoceros 5 + V-Ray for Rhino and Photoshop in our process. These three software solutions are a simple way how to obtain photorealistic & emotional architectural visualizations. Of course, a bunch of skills is needed :) Join us and get them with us!

The language of the workshop is English, but of course as I speak Slovak and Czech as well, you are free to ask at anytime, if you do not understand. Please note that at least medium knowledge of English is essential.

//Dates & program:
The workshop is planned to happen on August 8 – 9, 2014, from 9:00 AM to 18:00 PM each day. As I know myself, we’ll sit here til 8PM, so don’t worry – you’ll have plenty of time to ask your questions.

Day #1

Modeling & Materials

First day – Friday – will be dedicated to brief introduction, Rhinoceros modeling and V-Ray materials. We’ll go through Rhinoceros interface, basic modeling tips and tricks, via more advanced detailing in 3D, highlighting efficiency in the process. A bit of theory about 3D/2D detailing, highlighting pros/cons of both of them. Mapping (+mapping channels) comes in the end of Rhino part. Hopefully, somewhere in the middle of Rhino part, we’ll go out for a good lunch.
Creating basic V-Ray materials – Diffuse, Refraction, Reflection layers, their combinations. Explanation of physical behavior of real materials, simulating them in V-Ray material editor.

Czech republic is well-known for many specifics, but the most known and demanded is famous Czech beer, so the first day we’ll have a beer out, first round on us!


Day #2

Rendering & Postproduction

Second day will be spent inside the world of V-Ray – continuing with V-Ray materials from the previous day, via V-Ray Options, V-Ray Frame Buffer and some tips & tricks in V-Ray.
Discussing best ways of optimizing the render, it’s parameters, proper render output for sustainable postproduction.
Photoshop comes next and trust me, it’ will be the best part! Importing HDR files, layering, lights, shadows, glows, and we can’t forget birds and lens flares! :P

We will also discuss ways how to communicate with a client, how to deliver WIPs and how to be as effective as never before.

I’ll gladly join you for a beer, if you stay in Brno also for one more day.

Centrum office building
Kobližná 24
Brno, 602 00
Czech Republic
Check the location on the map>>
Our place is about 5 minutes walk from the main train station and about 4 minutes walk from Student Agency’s station. It’s pretty close to anywhere! :) 

We have a capacity of 12 seats for the workshop.


//Software & skills:
First of all, bring Your own laptop. Basic knowledge of Rhinoceros is needed, however we’ll provide you with a 3D model so you can easily follow rendering and postproduction part as well. Make sure you install Rhinoceros 5, V-Ray 1.5 / V-Ray 2.0 and Photoshop CS4/CS5 before the workshop starts.

Every participant will get a certificate claiming he/she attended our course, so you can put it on the wall, or on the desk or just use it as a part of your CV for a potential employer :)

– educational: €200
– professional: €250
In case of a student discount, we will need to see your student ID at the place.

Accommodation is not included, however I’d like to highlight you some places close to our office (less than 10-15 minutes walk), sorted by price – of course, feel free to google for some more, as I never stayed in the hotel here, so I have no idea about their prices / comfort.

_Lowcost options:
Pension Grohova (link)
Hostel Jacob (link)
Pension u Kašny (link)

_Affordable options:
Brno Old Town Pension (link)
Hotel Slovan (link)
Hostel Mitte (link)

_Comfort options:
Grand Hotel Brno (link)
Barceló Hotel Brno (link)
Royal Ricc Brno (link)
Holiday Inn (link)


In case of any questions, let me know at (please use subject FA Workshop 3)

//Registrations are closed.


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