FlyingArchitecture Uncovered vol.1

FlyingArchitecture Uncovered vol.1

New FlyingArchitecture portal brings you fresh and new workshops line. Not that the old one was not good enough, but there is always something to enhance... and you as an artist should be aware of that :)

FlyingArchitecture Uncovered vol.1

We are opening up registrations for the FlyingArchitecture Uncovered vol.1, three day workshop happening in our venue in Brno, Czech Republic, covering topics such as Rhinoceros 3D, V-Ray and Photoshop.

In addition to previous two days, we decided to add one extra day, so we can afford to go a bit slowlier and feel much more comfortable. No rush, no skipping, no pushing. Just three awesome days in the capital of beer. High five!


FlyingArchitecture Office

Kobližná 24, Brno, Czech Republic


November 21 - 23, 2014

Each day from 9 AM to 6 PM

Day 1 - Friday

Objectives: We will vote to pick a topic for the workshop and launch it with a good coffee. Can you imagine a better launch? We will have a slow start, while continuously speeding up :) Afternoon will be dedicated to learning Rhino and mastering modeling of details for architectural visualizations.

Introduction & Morning coffee

Talks, Brainstorming

Workshop topic selection

Basic Rhinoceros modeling

Advanced modeling

Final 3D modeling

Day 2 - Saturday

Objectives: We will have a talk with skilled and professional photographer about some of his photography tricks. Why? As you know for sure, V-Ray works as a professional DSLR camera - so it has a lot in common! Using these tips, we'll set up and tweak our V-Ray camera for final view. After the lunch, we'll master all possible and impossible material types. 

Photography tips and tricks

Composition theory

Camera selection and tuning

Basic materials

Advanced materials

Impossible materials

Day 3 - Sunday

Objectives: Last day of our workshop will be dedicated to the best and most interesting part - rendering and postproduction. As soon as we tune up our scene for final render and launch it, we will have some time for general talk about your portfolios and presentation, so you can get some worthy ideas about how to set up your online portfolio, and so. When we get back from lunch, we'll do the magic - Photoshop postproduction!

Final scene setting

Launching final render

Talk about portfolios, self-presentation

Postproduction - assembling render

Adding staffage, adjustments, light

Final color corrections

FlyingArchitecture Uncovered vol.1


An extra day, but no extra cost?! Yeah, sure!

The price is set to 300 euros/student or 400 euros/professional.

-Registrations are closed-

Get your ticket now and book your seat! We have maximum of 12 seats available.

To sum it up: after the workshop you will not only be able to prepare appealing architectural presentation of your proposals, but it will help you to be more confident and self-assured with your clients, teachers or coworkers.

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