FlyingArchitecture Uncovered vol.2

FlyingArchitecture Uncovered vol.2

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Our second workshop in the line called FlyingArchitecture Uncovered, will take a place in Rome, Italy in the first half of February. Don't miss this chance to learn how to archviz!

We packed a nice, enhanced workflow into this series of workshops, so make sure you don't miss your chance to learn from the pros and to boost your skills ;) As usually, our workflow consists of Rhinoceros 5 + V-Ray and Photoshop and some plugins.

Our works are mostly recognized thanks to our extensive postproduction process, so we made this the main theme of the workshop.

Basic information

Workshop will take place in Rome, Italy (map) on February 6-7-8, 2015. I'll be in Rome for couple more days, so we can meet at anytime to talk about CGI/life/work with a great wine, coffee or scotch ;).


Besides our usual workflow, which consists of Rhinoceros 5, V-Ray 2 and Photoshop CC, we would like to welcome VisualARQ to the family of software used on our workshops ;)

We decided to do so because of 3 simple reasons:

- Super simple asseting, quick parametricism and changes;

- It is really helpful for both architects and visualizers;

- Workshop is 3 days long, instead of 2 days as our previous workshops used to be - we have enough time to learn and utilize this tool.

 FlyingArchitecture Uncovered vol.2


Friday / February 6th

08-12 Basics of Rhinoceros, UI, features, workflow, modeling
12-13 Lunch
13-20 Advanced modeling, VisualARQ, Q&A

Saturday / February 7th

08-12 Basics of V-Ray explained, simple scene settings, Lights
12-13 Lunch
13-20 Materials, final scene setup, VFB, rendering, Q&A

Sunday / February 8th

08-12 Photoshop for beginners, layers, adjustments, masks, render import
12-13  Lunch
13-20 Final artwork postproduction, Q&A

 FlyingArchitecture Uncovered vol.2

What do people say about our past events?

I attended previous FlyingArchitecture Workshop and I have to say these 2 days were quite dense and productive! Back in time, I would totally do it again. According to the plan we ran quite precisely through some advanced Rhino modelling and mapping, then Vray settings and finally through PS tricks. We were on different experience levels, from students to experienced CG artists, yet somehow it seemed satisfactory for everyone. I struggled myself with some weird Vray problems that were actually solved in a couple of sentences during the classes (so I could immediately correct my older scenes which I found pretty cool - as the training was already noticeably useful). 

Matus, who was running the workshop, is extremely skillful and he was eagerly answering all the quirky questions we had. The coffee, cookies and nice & fun crew soothed the crazy-hard-work atmosphere. 
The after-hours time with FlyingArchitecture staff was a blast as well, a brilliant combo of CG-talk, Czech beer and a good laugh (I have to admit I am still surprised how modest and friendly the FA crew is!).

Anyway, some of the FA magic was revealed to us and it was a great, educative experience that I recommend to anyone who's into Rhino!

Asia Dziedzic, attendee of FA Adventure vol.3


Workshop will happen in the beginning of February (6-7-8)

Our plan is to host 12 students or professionals, so hurry up and book your seat now ;)


Workshop will take place in an amazing cowo space Work[in]Co, Via Aurelio Bacciarini 33, in Rome.


  • Certificate - every participant will get a certificate of attendance;
  • Ninja Account - each of you will get a monthly Ninja account on FlyingArchitecture, so you can follow all our tutorials for next 30 days to refresh everything from the workshop;
  • You may win a 3Dconnexion SpaceNavigator;
  • Educational kit from Dosch Design.


If you are interested in the workshop, shoot me an email ( [email protected] ). 

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