FlyingArchitecture Uncovered vol. 5

FlyingArchitecture Uncovered vol. 5

FlyingArchitecture Uncovered vol. 5

Image: FlyingArchitecture for Lenka Petrakova

Quick summary

Topic: Postproduction Software: Photoshop
Location: Brno, Czech Republic Price: 250 EUR + tax
Dates: 27-28 November 2015 Extras: Beer, Flying T-Shirt & Ninja account

FlyingArchitecture Uncovered vol. 5

Image: FlyingArchitecture for Gilles Retsin

"Is there an after-render life?" Confucius


The focus of this workshop is to provide participants all the necessary knowledge for successful postproduction. We will provide you with final render output and we will utilize Photoshop for reaching striking results.

In these two intense days, participants will learn the workflow for complete postproduction in Photoshop.

Towards the end of the workshop, we will have time to discuss tips for freelancers, pros/cons of being one and even maybe some tips to catch new clients!

Every participant should bring his or her own laptop with the software installed.

FlyingArchitecture Uncovered vol. 5

Image: FlyingArchitecture for Bead Architects


FlyingArchitecture Uncovered vol. 5

Instructor: Matúš Nedecký and Štefan Turcovský from FlyingArchitecture
Language: Classes would be conducted in English
Schedule: 27-28 NOV 2015  //  9.00-18.00
Venue: COWO Brno - Moravské náměstí 3, Brno, CZ

A base knowledge of Photoshop would be helpful for focusing faster.



Adobe Photoshop (CS6 - CC)


Price: 250€ (+tax)

For booking a seat, click on the button below and purchase this workshop as a classic item from our store. - After that, we will send You a confirmation email soon.

Registrations are over. Sorry, maybe next time ;)

FlyingArchitecture Uncovered vol. 5

Image: FlyingArchitecture for Xuberance

Hi there. Where are u located?
Hello, we are located in Brno, Czech Republic. Close to Vienna, Bratislava and Prague :)
Computers to work on are provided?
In specific cases, we can provide a laptop. There is also a possibility the workshop may take a place on Faculty, so computers would be available. If it's elsewhere and You will have no opportunity to bring Your laptop, we can discuss this and find a solution :)
Hi, are you planning to give this course on a different location in the near future as well? If not, can you provide some info on how to get there and maybe some tips for hotels? Thanks!
Hi, I will add some hotel/hostel options soon :)
danimal182 Oct 20, 2015
My office will not pay for this trip. Will there be a live video conference option to view from my work computer?
We are not currently running any online courses... if we open some ways how to do so, I'll publish it on our homepage for sure.
maxmoriyama Oct 20, 2015
Will this be webcasted, or are there opportunities to participate/view online?
Nope, we are not considering such option.
danimal182 Oct 29, 2015
Why not? This could bring in additional funds
Our workshops are about personal approach to each participant and the knowledge given to him/her, funds are not our aim ;)
Do you have suggestion for not expensive acommodation? And How is best to get to your place? Which Airport is close?
I agree...funds don't drive your philosophy of practice. Which is awesome. However, since you do amazing work and I know a lot of us would love to learn what you know in post-production visualization, maybe having video tutorials on your methodolgy, via a cost, would help us all. I know I would be among the first to purchase this tutorial, should you decide to make it. I really hope you re-consider. This would be a great way to help others produce great work like yourself.. :)
emilyjane Feb 12, 2016
Very cool design! I realy love it! You and are my favourites designers.
Thanks ;)
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