FlyingArchitecture Uncovered vol.4

FlyingArchitecture Uncovered vol.4

FlyingArchitecture Uncovered vol.4

Quick summary

Topic: Rendering & Postproduction Software: Rhino 5 + V-Ray + Photoshop
Location: Barcelona, Spain Price: 299/399 EUR
Dates: 16-17 April 2015 Extras: Sand, Sunny beaches, Certificate and Ninja account

FlyingArchitecture Uncovered vol.4


The focus of this workshop is to provide participants all the necessary knowledge for being able to make renders inside Rhino platform. We will be using V-ray 2.0 for Rhino to develop such renderings.

In these two intense days, participants will learn the workflow for rendering inside Rhino with the V-ray plugin.

As a plugin, V-ray works inside the Rhino interface and makes easy all the process of rendering because it is not necessary to change to another application or exporting geometry.

Towards the end of the workshop, we will have time to discuss tips for freelancers, pros/cons of being one and even maybe some tips to catch new clients!

FlyingArchitecture Uncovered vol.4

The course will start with the basics of rendering and will cover more advanced settings to end up with some tips for post-producting those renders in Adobe Photoshop. Participants will develop typical case studies about rendering architectural visualizations, interior visualizations and product design among other basic case studies that use render as main representation technique. While developing those case studies, participants will learn how to handle V-ray parameters and how to create textures inside the normal workflow for rendering. Day one will start as introduction and will end with some advanced topics, day two will cover advanced settings and postproduction.

FlyingArchitecture Uncovered vol.4

Every participant should bring his or her own laptop with the software installed. In the class will be also computers in case any participant could not bring a laptop.


FlyingArchitecture Uncovered vol.4

Instructor: Matúš Nedecký from FlyingArchitecture visualizations
Language: Classes would be conducted in English
Schedule: 16-17 APRIL 2015  //  9.00-18.00
Organizers: LaTiendaDelCAD, SMD, FlyingArchitecture
Venue: McNeel Europe Offices, c/ Roger de Flor 32-34, 08018 Barcelona (map)

A base knowledge of Rhino would be helpful for focusing deeper in V-ray render settings. No necessary knowledge of rendering is required though it will also be helpful.



Rhinoceros 5 (PC platform, MacOS Rhino does not load plugins for now)
V-ray 2.0 For Rhino
Abode Photoshop (CS6 - CC)

Links to trial versions of the softwares will be facilitated to participants when get into the registration process.


Early bird promo

Registrations made before March 15 will get a discount over the price:

Student* : 299€ (+tax)
Professional: 399€ (+tax)


* Students will have to proof their status with a student ID

The course will be confirmed as soon as the minimum number of participants is reached, and no later than the April 15th. There will be places for a total of 14 participants.

FlyingArchitecture Uncovered vol.4

Hi! Is there still free spots for the workshop in april? :)
Yes indeed! Visit the Registration page (Link is up there) and register ;)
done! See u in Barcelona! Looking really forward to the workshop!
Amazing ;) see You soon!
brianadelvalle Mar 27, 2015
Will there be any workshops in May?!!
Maybe... but definitely not in Barcelona :)
brianadelvalle Apr 10, 2015
Where might you have a workshop. Im really interested in this workshop and I'm traveling for a study abroad to Barcelona, rome, greece, dubai, and rome again, and would really love to participate!
The one in May should be again in Brno (CZ). Would that be feasible for You?
Maybe workshop in Poland ?
codadilupo Apr 18, 2015
I would be interested too for a workshop in Poland
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