Workshops 2017: Time to vote!

Workshops 2017: Time to vote!

Dear FlyingArchitecture fans,

We were silent for a while about our workshops and we did not organize any since April 2016, but there's a particular reason for it... We were working on a new approach to the topics, on new assets to be used on the WS, and also on new tech you'll be able to use on these workshops ;) Amazing news to be announced soon!

Workshops 2017: Time to vote!

Timeframe and locations

We are now deciding on the timeframe and new locations for these events - and we'd like to approach You. Until now, we had our events in Brno, Bratislava, Prague, Rome, Barcelona and Vienna, but we'd like to bring these evens even closer to You.

Workshops 2017: Time to vote!

Raise your voice!

Want to join one of our workshops in 2017? Help us to pick locations and possible time frame :) Express Your opinion in the comment area below and give us your suggestion.

One commenter will even get a free seat! So... what can you loose? ;)

Workshops 2017: Time to vote!

Workshops 2017: Time to vote!

Seville (Spain) it would be great!
chrbjerre Dec 16, 2016
I would love to join you at a workshop in Copenhagen Denmark in mid or late july 2017. I think people would join from both Denmark and sweden.
That sounds feasible and interesting ;) Let's talk about it, I'll shoot You an email soon.
Brno & Vienna are already perfect! Brno was awesome back in 2013!
Thanks Stefan :) I am happy You liked our event, Brno is definitely happening in 2017. Not so sure about Vienna (as it's very close to Brno, so there shouldn't be a problem for students to come over.)
martin301260 Dec 16, 2016
In Milan would join for sure :)
Come to Gran Canaria, Canary Islands (Spain), please! Here we do not usually have the opportunity to enjoy this kind of workshop ... So summer would be the best time frame because there are holidays for many people in the rest of Spain and they will be able to join us here.
If I come to Gran Canaria, i don't want to work there :( I imagine it as a paradise and relax heaven :P Just kidding, sounds awesome! I'd love to come over, let's discuss this via email ;)
Porto (Portugal), would be great and I'm certain you would love the city!
It would be great to see an event in London!
I believe Brussels is a good and strategic place as it's reachable easily from neighbor countries ! I vote for Belgium
mgibeault Dec 16, 2016
You should make plans for October 2017 in Montréal!
It will be the World Design Summit and everybody here will attend anyway!
Would love it if you came to New York City!
The odds of this making its way to the Midwest US is unlikely. Will it be available via the web?
PKMertens Dec 16, 2016
What about Frankfurt am Main Germany?? That is in the middle of Europe
I've noticed that a lot of these workshops are held in Europe. Yours and also for example the State of Art Academy. I think you would be quite successful bringing this to North America. Some ideas would be Providence, Rhode Island (near major cities of Boston and New York but less money to host and attend) or if you want something completely different the city of Guanajuato, Mexico is amazing.
Perhaps coming to Dallas or Austin in the state of Texas, USA??? There are a ton of architectural and visualization firms that would be interested. Or even better yet, create video tutorials and/or recordings of your workshops!!!
ManuelMartínez Dec 16, 2016
Why not get a whole new market and come to Mexico? Monterrey and Mexico City have about 25 Million people together, huge communities of architects, most of them speak English and are willing to pay to acquire new knowledge at all times, plus, you'd get to know a really nice place and do some intercontinental networking. Greetings
Los Angeles, California! I'm sure this can be a popular location!
You've got many art/architecture companies + schools in the area, not to mention a lot of visual effects people, too. I'm sure people from San Diego, Orange County, and Riverside will make their pilgrimage to LA for this
you should go for innsbruck,austria during winterseason! combine it with your skiing vacation ;)
Poznań, Poland ! April or further, when spring comes. Beautiful city and lots of creative people.
I think the perfect place for the future workshop is Sofia, Bulgaria. Many creative people, delicious food... So... Sofia is your place ;)
cyntiasoto Dec 17, 2016
I think Los Angeles, CA is a multicultural place where we can learn and teach in a cool way. (Also, the food is awesome!) ;)
Rui Oliveira Dec 19, 2016
We hope that Lisbon can participate!
Me... hope, too! ;-)
What is about Bremen? We got Beck's enough;-)
London please, and could you give us more notice before the workshops (the ones you've done that I could have got to were announced too close to the date and I was already committed to projects), thanks.
Sure, I promise to do that :)
Brussels would be awesome !!! or any place in Belgium / Netherlands :)
Yep, Brussels sounds good as well ;)
SeaVenture Dec 27, 2016
I vote for LA - I live in San Diego
Lisbon (Portugal) !! i'm definitely there to see you guys!
I vote for it, too! ;-)
MESHCANICS Jan 9, 2017
London Matus London! Transport Hub!
I will announce a workshop line without London first, it needs a further discussion. But no worry - it's in progress ;)
Hi! I vote for Braunschweig in Germany in our office or near by. But I would also love to have another reason to go to Lisbon again... for lessons! I can imagine the IADE has good rooms for that! ;-)
pedrocalixto949 Sep 21, 2017
Please come to Los Angeles CA
Northeast US please!
MattBreest Dec 12, 2017
Denver, Colorado - Great middle ground access to East and West coast
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