Concrete tiles, 6x6 pattern.

Contains - Vray 3.6 for Rhino material, diffuse, reflection and normal maps. 

Resolution - 8192 x 8192 px

Does not contain the scene.

RodrigoGuimarães Jan 18, 2020
Just bought this material.
When I go to import it, it doesnt appear on vray.
Instead of making it how can I import it?
Hello, just drag and drop the material from your folder into the vray material editor... importing the material from the menu icon may be buggy.
RodrigoGuimarães Jan 20, 2020
Still didn't work for me. Is it because I'm using a older version of V-Ray?
Which version of Vray are you using? Material is optimized for Vray 3.6 (with latest updates 3.60.03.)
RodrigoGuimarães Jan 20, 2020
I'm using 3.40.01 for Rhino5. On the imagens I have base_color, normal and rhoughness. Where to use normal and roughness? Is roughness the bump?
RodrigoGuimarães - Vray 3.4 is not recommended to use, all. Simply because nothing works with 3.4. :) I strongly advise you to upgrade (Vray 3.6 or maybe Next), otherwise you won't be able to use anything from your older scenes in the future.

As for the maps, use base color in the diffuse slot, roughness in the reflection color slot and reflection glossiness slot, and normal map for normal slot (change the bump slot to normal - note, when using normal maps, always use Linear mapping instead of Screen space). Hope this helps.
RodrigoGuimarães Jan 20, 2020
Thanks Lukas. Still learning both softwares and adding materials is still a subject that I find hard. I will try to fix the material with your description.
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Concrete floor tiles 04

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Jul 26, 2019
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