HDRI Panorama
Clear blue sky with high sun and no clouds. This is a single HDRi belonging to the winter solstice and spring equinox collection.
Location: 41°23′20″N
Resolution: 13 176 x 6 588 pix
Package contains:
.hdr file
.jpg: Preview and test render
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DBrenders HDRI: Equinox Spring 30 - 0941

DB Renders
DB Renders
CEO & Founder at Mediterranean Light and dBrenders. David Brufau is an architect located in Barcelona, Spain and is passionate about CGI. He dedicates all his time to creating images and what's more, to assets, which he distributes to the community of CGI artists. He creates his HDRIs with Canon 6D + Samyang 12mm fisheye lenses to get the highest possible quality.
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Sep 20, 2016
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