Seamless Super high resolution texture of a Robinia Cinnamon texture - inspired by DTDL Egger H1277.

Texture was scanned from the real wooden tables. Texture is tileable to get a perfectly seamless effect.

Package contains:

Textures in 14 100 x 7 050 pix resolution.

Textures: Diffuse, Refl. Glossiness, Bump.

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DTDL Egger H1277 - Robinia Cinnamon

Matus Nedecky
Matus Nedecky
Matus is a visual enthusiast - loves everything about visual representation in architecture. Disregards “Form follows function,” he always puts “Form follows form” in the front instead. He covers the whole ground - visualizations, 2D & 3D assets, architectural photography, you name it. Matus is also a father of 3, and to stay sharp, he loves working, boxing, Marilyn Manson and driving fast.
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Mar 25, 2018
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DTDL Egger H1277 - Robinia Cinnamon

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