Vray 3.6 (for Rhino) material of seamless epoxide concrete floor.
Resolution -  8192x8192 px
Included diffuse, normal and reflection maps.
Hello, impossible to use. It's not a vismat material. Do you know how to use it?
Hello Keumar, it is .vrmat (format produced by V-Ray 3.6 - see the product description). Just tested it and it is easily possible to be imported to V-Ray. What might be an issue is your V-Ray version - what V-Ray version do you use?
ManoukRoussyalian Jun 19, 2019
Hello Matus, I am actually also having the same problem i am using 3MAX 2016 V-Ray 3.6, material only loads as black. Help!
Hello of course - the description clearly says it's V-Ray for Rhino. We cannot guarantee 3Ds Max compatibility currently - we don't use the software at all.
ManoukRoussyalian Jun 19, 2019
Hi, Material does not work on max! it's a .vrmat material supposed to work on all softwares (i am trying it on 3D-Max) Please is it possible to export and email me 3D-max Version or a Version that works on all platforms? Thanks alot!
Hi, this is a question suitable for Chaos Group, it's a format related issue - there is no other way to export the material.
Does anybody know the actual size of the texture in the scene? Best, Leo
Hi, the texture is set to 1x1 meters for the close up shot. In normal renderings I set the mapping higher; for example, right now I'm using it in a warehouse scene 4x8 meters with mapping set to 4x4 meters (not a close up but a standard shot).
Hey, I'm using the older version of Vray in Rhino 5 so i couldn't import the vrmat file in. so I'm trying to recreate the texture by using the provided images. Can you tell me the setting that you use for Reflection, Glossiness; Hilight and Reflect? Thank you very much
Hi, just use the roughness map in the Filter and Reflect slots and slightly increase Fresnel value in the Reflection slot from 1.55 to 2.
Hi, I just bought this material but didn`t see that its made for Vray 3.6. Now I am also trying to recreate the material but have no clue where to put the images _nrm, _rough, and _cover. Would you be so kind and help me out? Thank you! Best, Pascal
Hi, put the _nrm map into Normal map slot (set to Linear, or gamma 1.0 ), use the _rough map in the Reflection color (called Filter in Vray 2.0) and Reflection glossiness slot. The cover is just a preview image. Hope it helps.
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Epoxide concrete floor

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Feb 15, 2019
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Epoxide concrete

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