This pack contains 2 Vray 3.6 for RHINO 5 materials of a neoclassical building facade - day and night version. 

Best used for far and mid range. Not suitable for close ups shops. Ideal for filling the void with very light geometry.  


1. Material uses 2D Displacement - Original material has it turned OFF. To achieve rendered results, turn ON 2D Displacement in the Maps slot.

2. Best used for simple SURFACES. If used on polysurfaces, edges need to be CONTINUOUS.

3. Use 2D Displacement with caution,  might cause instability,

Contains - Vray 3.6 for RHINO material

Texture maps - Diffuse/ Emissive / Roughness / Refraction / Ambient Occlusion / Reflection / Normal / Height

Certain types of buildings include metallic maps.

Resolution - 4096 x 4096 px

Does NOT contain the scene.

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Neoclassical facade - A03

Lukas Filip
Lukas Filip
Lukas is a part of FlyingArchitecture team.
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Mar 11, 2020
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