Seamless Super high resolution texture of a unique vintage looking oak texture.

Texture was scanned from the real wooden tables. Texture is tileable to get a perfectly seamless effect.

Package contains:

Textures are in 15 000 x 15 000 pix resolution.

Textures: Diffuse, Refl. Glossiness, Bump.

chrbjerre May 15, 2018

Does the package include a vray material?
Hello, these are textures only.
crazy_scientist Nov 30, 2018

Any idea what the size of the scan is for accurate mapping?


Hello Philip, I scanned a 3 x 3 m board. Then the scan was stitched from separate scans, so the final texture comes in "very similar" size - not absolutely precise, but veery similar.
StefandroBatorovsky Apr 8, 2020
What is the width of the individual OAK boards in this texture? I need 45-50 cm for a project.
Hello Stefandro, unfortunately we do not have such texture at the moment. We may add it to the list of "wishes" and create it in the future.
On the other hand, you can still cut the texture in PS and adjust it to your liking, it would take some time, but you would get precisely what you need.
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Vintage Oak seamless texture

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Mar 25, 2018
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Vintage Oak seamless texture

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