Dear friends and FlyingArchitecture fans!

After publishing the Arezzo lamp model on FlyingArchitecture, I received some positive comments with suggestions for making a step-by-step tutorial for this simple lamp. To be honest, I was quite surprised by this request, because whole knowledge of creating a lamp like this is about assembling cylinders in Rhino into a correct composition to get a lamp. Let's see how it works in Rhino. :)

how are the settings for the chrome material?
digitaltoon Mar 19, 2015
Can you tell me what settings I should have in Rhino? Should it be meters or millimeters?
stefan turcovsky Mar 19, 2015
Hi, always milimeters :)
digitaltoon Mar 19, 2015
I saw that as soon as I asked it...thanks : )
digitaltoon Mar 23, 2015
OK- On step 31- How do you guys create the shape. I am new to Rhino and in all your other steps you called out using say a cyliner or tube . How is this bulb shape done?
stefan turcovsky Mar 24, 2015
Hi, just create simple cylinder and then use FilletEdge command for the top part of the bulb... radius should be 8,5mm.
digitaltoon Mar 25, 2015
Well that's amazingly simple..duh : )
digitaltoon Mar 25, 2015
Do you guys still have the model to download? I ask this so I can compare my model to yours and see where I can do well as grabbing the textures you used to better understand that part.
Yep, here you go:
you make may day, thank you.
ZakwanRazali Oct 2, 2018
hye guyssssssssss
Hello! :)
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