Welcome to our remastered version of the tutorial created in mid 2010 – back in those days, Rhino ver. 4 was still a mainstream in the Rhino world, and we had a luck to test Rhinoceros 5 as a beta version. Rhino 5 was able to handle more geometry and much more complex surfaces, so I took an opportunity and did my first complex 3D model ever. It worked out pretty well, considering the general quality of models available back in those days, but as time passed by, and we created this new portal for you, I realized this has to be done better, with much more accurate and realistic surfaces. Actually, in this case, polysurfaces.

In this tutorial, I will guide you through the creation of very complex geometry for polstering of a bibendum chair and I'll show you how to keep the geometry simple for a single-click-unwrap. Let's start!

cool!!!! i really love that model
Can I have the access to this tutorial please?
Yes, sure! If You become a Ninja (see in the left panel) :)
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