Creating a custom brush in Photoshop

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Hi, welcome to yet another novice tutorial containing very basic prep steps in Photoshop, which must be done at least once in a lifetime. Otherwise you'll miss a thing. Or two ;)

This tutorial is dedicated to creating a custom brush preset of a grass in Photoshop, which might be easily used to recreate lawn/meadow edges without any effort. Once the brush is created, you can save it for later use and use it whenever you want to!

First I wanted to get out and take my own photos, but when one finds out he doesn't have to even stand up a walk away from the computer... life suddenly gets easier. For this tutorial, I decided to use some free photos from - check out this Tuft of Grass and this photo of a Castle in Sucha. It only requires a free registration and you can get these photos immediately.

Amazing tutorial, simple and straight forward. Thank you FA!
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