Hello everybody, I’m Pablo. I'm a young French architect and artist. I graduated from the School of Architecture of Montpellier (Ensam) in 2010. I am now working in an architecture office as an infografist architect. Creating is what I am passionate about. I create spaces, structures, painting, universes, stories…often with a clear science fiction orientation, a little geeky sometimes, but always in a constant research for details that will make the visual almost touchable.

Few months ago when I saw the Flying Arvhitecture contest, I thought that I had to try it just for fun. I realized it in a relaxed perspective to develop my workflow and my skills. Awesome ! I’m in.

Reminder of the facts : April 15, 2013 opens the competition Architecture unchained. We are proposed to create an architecture liberated from any gravity. The only requirement was to post Work in Progress pictures. I did not know it at the begining but it allowed me to have some discipline in the organization of my workflow. I use Sketch'up, Cinema 4D and Photoshop. I don’t think I have any advice to give on these softwares because my level of skill is quite modest and there is a multitude of very good tutorials available on the internet (and far better than what I could say). But in this making of as Matúš asked me to make for you, I suggest you to read a focus on the steps of my creative process. Step by step, here we go.

this work is amazing!!! thank for share it!!!!
I like it, it's awesome!
jonhbispo May 19, 2016
Incrivel , o render o conceito e a arquitetura. parábens
RomanBruni Feb 5, 2020
bellissimo "favela 2.0"
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