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Breakdowns of a forest house project, prepared for a workshop in Vienna. The project contains design of the family house in the forest, in the dusk atmosphere. Movable aluminium shutters on the facade provide the privacy for the family living in there, so the house can be closed for the night, or when family is away on holidays. Project data: Rhinoceros 5 - modeling V-Ray - rendering Photoshop - postproduction After Effects - movie exporting

What program did you use to render the building?
stefan turcovsky Nov 11, 2014
Vray for Rhino
griswo26 Mar 2, 2015
How was the mesh created, with circles boolean differenced out of a plane? Did you paint the shadows on the mesh, is the sunglight also painted in and what materials were used. Thanks so amazed.
First the rectangular outline (curves) was created, then the inner circles were arrayed and once this was done, PlanarSrf did the job to create a surface, which was extruded.
Sunlight and shadows were partially rendered and postproduced, it's visible in the video :)
it looks very nice,can i get psd files?:)
PSD is not included.
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