Forest house tutorial was created as an attempt to cover the topic of advanced materials and extensive forest environment in Photoshop, therefore is recommended for advanced users - users familiar with basics of Rhino, V-Ray and also Photoshop. Also others are welcome to read through and follow, but make sure to read other Novice and Explorer tutorials first ;)

Long story short - welcome to this tutorial covering modeling (Novice section), materials (Explorer section) and postproduction (Ninja section) to handle all steps of creating and finishing the project.

This first part of the tutorial covers modeling in Rhinoceros 5 with usage of VisualARQ plugin. Let's start!

Hi, in this step you could also use merge srf command instead of del and mirror
Hi, in this step you could also use merge srf command instead of del and mirror
Step 37, "Wirecut" would be faster.
Great tutorial. For wooden facade you can also use extract surface and then adjust custom mesh for these surfaces. For setup put everything to zero except for the maximum edge length and check only refine mesh.
Sorry, check refine mesh and jagged seams.
Yes, there are always several ways to achieve the same result :) Thanks for pointing out!
Hello, I have a question about step 97 - what is the rebuild done for? Why do you need so many UV point? But what intrigues me most - why is degree 3 needed for planar surfaces? Does it affect displacement anyhow? Thanks in advance for your answe
Hi Rekoks! I did that because I saw somewhere that if you rebuild NURBS surfaces, you will get proper displacement (flawless disp.), however when I made some tests, it seemed to be the same, so maybe rebuilding is not required.
Thanks for reply :).
ericfapyd Mar 31, 2016
Que buen voladizo, como que se pierde entre los arboles del bosque
Very interesting approach for the modelling! Make's me want to go back to Rhino!
You definitely should! ;)
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