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Several people have asked me how to model a pillow in Rhinoceros, which I have been using in some of my scenes. Instead of just sharing this model I am going to show you how to do it! Here is the final product:

macchublu Oct 28, 2014
Could you explain why we mustn't join surfaces?
This tutorial was prepared in Rhinoceros 4, which did not have a feature of UV Maps. Therefore, we had to keep all surfaces simple and unjoined, so we can easily map them. In Rhinoceros 5 you don't have to keep them separate anymore.
mongmonghi Jan 6, 2015
On step 17 is there a shorter/faster way in order to randomize the points up and down? (I was selecting them one by one with the gumball)
Try to use SelBrush
mongmonghi Jan 6, 2015
Also when I am making the lower side of the pillow pipe command the pipe ends like 3/4 of the total length of the line, is it a problem of my geometry?
You should duplicate edges, join them, rebuild them, so you get a closed simple curve
muratkiiv Nov 16, 2015
thanks. perfect tutorials
that was cool :) never used 'curve network' before!
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