Hello my friends. This tutorial will be about preparation of my bathroom scene including materials and lighting. Also, there will be a lot of information about settings and important details. But, it is not the main part. Our hero is detailed, step by step post-production of raw render. In the beginning, my objective was to create nice, almost minimalistic bathroom with a lot of wood and concrete materials. I wanted to set forth a late afternoon scene with a sense of autumn sun light. As always, I'm using Rhinoceros, V-Ray and Adobe Photoshop.

IvanMalek Mar 13, 2015
Cool stuff, It's great to finally see in detail how the pros do it!
really love it! it is great
Didn't get any materials with the scene. Coudn't do the render and folow the tuturial :/
Yes it's a clay scene (no materials, just the model) - so you can follow our tutorial and create materials by yourself.
I'd like to learn more the vray for rhino. But I do not know whether this is a simple image or video (TUTORIALS)
Hi, this is an image step-by-step tutorial.
parsa.mahmoudzadeh Jan 27, 2017
I wonder how can I have access to your video tutorials. All I found was simple images. video tutorials is not included in novice plan? thanks in advance for your answ
Hello, we don't offer video tutorials at the moment. All tutorials we have to date, are image based, step-by step tutorials.
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