Hello Everyone. This tutorial will be about really important and complex topic- V-ray Materials (version 2.0) and how to create them. To start creating nice and detailed materials, we must first understand how the V-ray material works. We will take a closer look at the Standard material, Two Sided material and Angle Blend material. These three are the main material types that are essential for creating realistic materials for your scene. V-ray offers even more material types, but those are meant for pretty specific situations. We will go through the whole process of creating such a material and show you some tricks and tips that you can use later in your own projects. Also, there's a Test Scene we'll use to set up and test all the materials (HDRi map not included).  

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Thank you for your efforts this is a very useful.
thank you very much for sharing.
Please, consider a more responsive page design. I have 1400x800 and I have a huge picture (a bit sensless), half of a ad window and I have to scroll for a description. Okay - keep the advertisement, but let me see a description together with a picture.
Would be also good to have an option "everything on one page" With so many slides this design becomes really uncomfortable and unfriendly.
mikemalacasrc Nov 12, 2014
(Y) manny thanks. very useful.
Do you use for modelling only Rhino? I'm beginner in 3d visualizations and I use 3dmax. Which program is easier for modelling? Sorry for my english) By the way, you are great.
Delya, we use only Rhinoceros, which is way easier ;)
Thank you, Matus. One more question. Do you use Rhino only for modelling or for visualizations too?
For everything ;)
Many thanks FlyingArchitecture! But that would be great if you provide some more details about the scene lighting and about the refraction parameters you are using. I definitely can't get the same results as you ... :(
stefan turcovsky Dec 9, 2014
There's a updated scene file with hidden geometry for glass and translucent materials. Just download it and you should be fine :)
gnikoloff Jan 19, 2015
thanks! very helpful and informative! One Q - can I get displacement or bump on a 2sided material?
Of course You can - add Displacement or Bump to a Basic material (submaterial of 2sided)
serkankoc34 Jan 20, 2015
thank you very much for sharing.
Aazath1992 Feb 16, 2015
Thanks a lot....i got something...
tomoyo65 May 3, 2018
Will you be doing anew tutorial on materials for Vray 3? :)
Hello, we are planning some tutorials for V-Ray 3.6 in the future ;)
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