Hello once again. We have another tutorial about advanced postproduction in Photoshop. This time, we will go through the whole process of creating such an image and show you some techniques and tips that you can use later in your own projects. Main object of the scene is office building that is surrounded with beautiful mountains and some different elements that create interesting image with story and depth. As usual, whole project was modeled and rendered in Rhinoceros and V-Ray.


Are the Assets available so we can follow along?
Thanks for pointing this out! PSD file with imported render channels was added, so feel free to download it now and follow the postproduction tutorial ;)
griswo26 Mar 2, 2015
New more help with Rhino modeling tutorials and getting the base render to look good with lighting. Also more indepth about how to do blending modes, layer masks, shadows maybe in a video tutorial but overall great experience so glad i signed up.
Will try to work on that, thanks ;)
daotuan.fri Jul 27, 2017
great tutorial
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