Complete Photoshop file with fully layered structure by FlyingArchitecture.
The scene was created as a part of the Chapel tutorial
What’s included:

- postproduction Photoshop .PSD file in 2500 x 1400 pix
- Final image - jpeg format

- There is no 3Ds Max, or Sketchup version. This product does not contain a tutorial, nor 3D scene - It's a PSD file.
stevenshimamoto Dec 9, 2017
There is supposed to be a snow background? How do I turn this layer on?
Hello, if You open the PSD file, scroll to the bottom and you'll find there a layer group called ***BGR - That's where the background is
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PSD - Wind Chapel Exterior

Stefan Turcovsky
Stefan Turcovsky
Born in Slovakia, Humenné. Flyingarchitecture artist with a passion for CGI and architecture. My main tools are Rhinoceros and Photoshop. I'm always looking for the new inspiration in every aspect of life because you never know where the new idea is hidden. I love romantic walks on a beach at a sunset, unicorns and laser cats.
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Mar 31, 2016
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PSD - Wind Chapel Exterior

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