Hi, we are back with the last tutorial from the Wind Chapel project. This part will be about advanced postproduction in Photoshop of an exterior scene with a deep analysis of each layer, where you'll learn about important steps and some tips to create amazing image. Also, be sure to check out other parts of this series, where we talk about modeling, how to use Marvelous Designer 3, advanced materials, mapping, lighting, render settings and interior postproduction. All right, make yourself a delicious cup of coffee and we can start this tutorial.

alphadog Mar 7, 2019
Hi, i just downloaded the psd file and all the layers and effects except the raw render are missing. What version of photoshop should I use? Im using photoshop cc 2019. best.
alphadog Mar 7, 2019
Oh, so ther full PSD file is paid product. Got it!
Hello, that's right. This is for the purpose of tutorial - so you get the RAW render and you can follow our tutorial steps with exactly the same base product as we did. If you want the full postproduction done by us, it can be purchased as a separate product :)
Have a nice day!'
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