"Fairy tale" is a scene that came to life very organically and quickly, due to a very strong idea behind and super efficient team working on this project. We utilized tools such as Sculptris, Blender, Substance Designer, and of course mainly Rhinoceros + V-Ray + Photoshop.

What's included:

  • Scene was assembled in Rhinoceros 5 + materials set for V-Ray 3.60.03.
  • Scene was converted and checked in Rhinoceros 6 + V-Ray Next Update2
  • All necessary proxies, materials and textures are included.
  • By purchasing this product, you will also get an access to 2 x PSB file (large PSD) for Photoshop in 4K resolution.

Important notes:

  • It is absolutely necessary to download and extract all corresponding archives for flawless process of rendering. Without downloading and extracting all of them, Your extracted files might not work properly.
  • If you don't know how to extract split archives, follow this tutorial.
  • It is important to do the following as a first step after extracting the files: Open File Path Editor and locate all missing assets (all are located in the Archived folder)
  • Note that all exterior assets and some interior assets were converted to proxies, to keep the scene as light as possible.
  • There's no 3ds Max version, nor Sketchup version. Also, we do not include obj file, as the scene is extremely extensive and obj cannot read proxies anyway.
  • Be considerate when using older versions of V-Ray for Rhino: not all materials and proxies might work correctly! (I'm looking at you, V-Ray 1.5 and 2 users).
How did you model the terrain/snow landscape?
Hello, I used Sculptris with some custom brushes.
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Winter Fairy tale

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Item detail
Published at:
Feb 19, 2019
Available files:
Assets 1/2
Assets 2/2
PSB files
Rhino 5 + V-Ray 3.6
Rhino 6 + V-Ray Next Upd2

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